What Golf Ball Does Bubba Watson Use?

With 12 PGA Tour victories including two Masters green jackets, Bubba Watson is one of the most recognizable players in professional golf. The long-hitting lefty is known for his outrageous power and ability to shape shots more than any other golfer on tour.

But what golf ball does Bubba rely on to maximize his unconventional yet effective game? Throughout his career, Watson has partnered with some of the biggest names in golf equipment to find the ideal ball for his unique needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the various ball models Bubba Watson has used over the years and the key performance benefits each provided for his game.

What Golf Ball Does Bubba Watson Use

Titleist Pro V1x

For the first decade of Watson’s professional career until 2011, he was a diehard Titleist Pro V1x player. The Pro V1x was the higher spinning and higher launching version within the iconic Pro V1 line.

The additional spin and launch generated by the Pro V1x allowed Watson to fully maximize distance off the tee with his exceptionally fast clubhead speed. He was able to shape towering draws with maximum carry distance.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Very low compression core maximized ball speed and distance
  • The urethane cover provided excellent greenside spin and feel
  • Penetrating high launch flight even into strong winds

The Pro V1x paired perfectly with Watson’s power-driven, big-hitting game during his early years on tour.

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Starting in 2011, Bubba Watson made the switch to Bridgestone Golf and began playing the brand’s premium tour balls. He started with Bridgestone’s B330 line before eventually transitioning to the flagship Bridgestone Tour B X model in 2014.

The Tour B X promotes low driver spin, once again fitting Watson’s high-swing speed game. The proprietary SlipRes technology increased friction for more spin and control from the rough as well.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Gradational Compression core maximized distance off the tee
  • Consistent ball flight even in adverse windy conditions
  • Increased control and workability from SlipRes cover technology
  • Alignment aid on the side stamp helped with Watson’s putting

Bridgestone’s Tour B X golf balls were a mainstay in Watson’s bag during many of his PGA Tour victories.

Volvik Golf Balls

Always one to stand out on the course, Bubba Watson made headlines by switching to Volvik colored golf balls in 2015. He alternated between playing Volvik’s S3 and S4 tour level models from 2015 through 2017.

The bright matte finish colors like orange, pink, and yellow suited Watson’s flashy personality perfectly. But more importantly, the 3-piece constructed Volvik balls delivered excellent distance from the tee while providing soft feel on pitches, chips and putts.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Maximum visibility even from the trees and rough
  • Soft feel around the greens for Watson’s creative short game
  • Maintains high launch and low spin preferred by Watson
  • Perfect platform for Watson’s “Bubba long” driving

The colorful Volvik golf balls matched Bubba’s dynamic identity as one of golf’s most creative shot-makers.

OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball

Displaying his willingness to experiment with non-traditional equipment, Bubba Watson agreed to play the revolutionary OnCore ELIXR golf balls during the 2018 PGA Tour season.

This ball featured a hollow metal core design to increase the distance as well as Bluetooth connectivity to track metrics about Watson’s game. While unconventional, the technology worked – Watson won the 2018 Genesis Open while playing the OnCore ball.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Revolutionary metal core construction maximized ball speed
  • Low spin performance from advanced aerodynamic design
  • Bluetooth connectivity provided swing data to Watson
  • One color alignment stamp simplified putting

The innovation of the OnCore ELIXR golf ball appealed directly to Bubba Watson’s unconventional approach to golf.

Volvik S4 Golf Ball

After testing other models, Bubba circled back to the Volvik brand in 2019, putting the new Volvik S4 golf ball model in play. The reformulated 3-piece design along with a revamped dimple pattern optimized the ball’s flight for an even greater distance off the tee.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Extremely low spin and high launch are ideal for Bubba’s swing
  • Improves greenside control with the new Seismic SoftTech cover
  • Vivid matte finish colors make the ball stand out
  • Advanced Power-Core maximizes ball speed and distance

The Volvik S4 allowed Bubba Watson to dial in the ideal launch and spin combination to leverage his world-class driving distance.

Bubba Watson Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Most recently in 2020, Bubba Watson has transitioned to the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. The 4-piece dual-core Chrome Soft X promotes high launch and moderate spin – optimal conditions for Watson’s swing speed.

The soft fast core formulation aligned with Watson’s preference for a softer feel around the greens for better control. The urethane cover and Graphene-infused construction maximize distance as well.

Key Benefits for Watson:

  • Revolutionary graphene-infused dual core boosts ball speed
  • High launch and moderate spin off the driver for maximum carry
  • A significantly softer feel is preferred by Bubba
  • Penetrating ball flight even into a strong wind

Callaway’s Chrome Soft X golf ball currently provides the complete performance package to maximize Bubba Watson’s skills and creativity.

Optimizing Launch Conditions Remains Key

It’s clear looking at Bubba Watson’s progression of golf balls over the years that identifying models to optimize launch conditions and driver spin rates remains his top priority. The evidence shows Watson tests new prototypes constantly to maximize distance.

His unconventional swing generates extreme clubhead speeds. By using balls promoting a high launch and relatively low driver spin, Watson leverages every yard out of his powerful golf swing.

Bubba Prioritizes Soft Feel Too

While distance off the tee remains imperative, Bubba Watson also factors a softer feel into his golf ball choices. This is likely tied to the creativity he displays around the greens.

Softer golf balls provide better feel and control on the nuanced short shots Watson likes to execute, especially from trouble. A softer compression core maximizes greenside precision.

Finding the right balance between low spin off the driver and soft feel around the greens has directed Bubba Watson’s golf ball selections throughout his successful career at golf’s highest level.

Testing Is Key, Even for Tour Stars

While every day golfers don’t have Watson’s access to endless tour prototypes, his journey highlights why proper ball testing is vital.

Launch monitors provide key data like spin rates, peak height, and descent angles to identify optimal golf ball performance for your game.

Don’t simply copy a tour pro’s golf ball without determining if it matches your swing first. Learn from Bubba Watson and find your personalized golf ball match maximizing distance and scoring.

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