What Golf Ball Does Lydia Ko Use?

With 17 LPGA Tour victories and 2 major championships already at age 25, Lydia Ko has firmly established herself as one of the top female golfers in the world.

Her sublime ball-striking skills, metronomic consistency, and cool demeanor under pressure separate Ko from her peers.

But what golf ball does this superstar depend on to maximize her world-class skills week in and week out on the toughest courses?

Throughout her decorated career, Ko has partnered with leading golf brands to play their cutting-edge tour-level golf balls in competition.

Let’s examine the different golf ball models Lydia Ko has utilized over the years and the key performance benefits each provided for her precise, repeatable swing.

What Golf Ball Does Lydia Ko Use

Callaway Golf Balls

For the first half of her professional career after turning pro in 2013, Lydia Ko was a devout Callaway Golf staffer and relied upon Callaway’s tour-level golf balls.

She credited the Callaway ball models with providing outstanding feel on all shots, especially short-game precision. The soft urethane covers and high-energy core formulations optimized her distance with control.

Some popular Callaway balls Ko played during this period included:

  • Callaway Hex Chrome+
  • Callaway SR3
  • Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway enjoyed significant tour exposure and validation having the #1 ranked female golfer in the world playing their golf balls week after week.

Titleist Pro V1x

In a surprise move, Lydia Ko signed an equipment deal with Titleist in 2017 to play their clubs, balls, and accessories. This brought Titleist’s legendary Pro V1x golf ball into Ko’s bag.

The multilayer, urethane cover Pro V1x proved an ideal match for Ko’s high but controlled ball flight. She took advantage of the low spin characteristics of the Pro V1x to maximize her already prodigious driving distance.

The Pro V1x also provided the crisp feel on iron shots and greenside spin so integral to Ko’s pinpoint iron play and deft touch around greens.

Srixon Z-Star XV

Never one to rest on her laurels, Lydia Ko made another unexpected equipment-free agency move in 2021 by inking a new deal with Srixon-Cleveland Golf.

This change meant Ko would switch to playing Srixon’s premium tour-level Z-Star XV golf ball. She cited the Z-Star XV’s Feel, Performance, and Value as primary reasons motivating the change.

Ko worked closely with Srixon to dial in the customized Z-Star XV ball to optimize her high but penetrating flight. The energetic gradient growth core delivered the ideal combination of ball speed and low driver spin.

Lydia Ko Golf Ball

Key Ball Attributes for Ko’s Game

Looking across Lydia Ko’s golf ball progression, we can identify several key attributes she prioritizes:

  • Soft urethane cover provides the necessary feel on pitch shots and finesse wedge shots
  • High energy core maximizes ball speed and distance through the air
  • Low driver spin promotes penetrating flight paired with her high launch angle
  • Precision dimple patterns sustain velocity and minimize drag
  • Vivid white matte or gloss finish aids in easy visibility

For Ko’s world-class ball striking ability, optimizing these attributes leads to maximum performance.

Benefits Beyond the Ball Itself

Interestingly, Ko herself has stated she does not believe there is significant performance differentiation between leading ball brands’ premium models.

Rather, she notes that choosing the right relationships with equipment companies, coaches, and partners leads to greater overall happiness, comfort, and satisfaction.

This in turn translates into better on-course performance regardless of slight equipment variances.

This astute observation explains Ko’s willingness to make brand changes over the years as she seeks the ideal personal fit beyond the equipment itself.

Ko’s Optimal Balance of Distance and Control

While Lydia Ko possesses the power game to overpower courses using high-compression balls, she prefers softer models to harness precision.

She finds optimal performance from tour balls providing an ideal balance of distance off the tee while maintaining superb iron and wedge feel.

This exemplifies Ko’s understanding of how matching golf ball construction and materials to your specific skills and needs leads to maximizing your unique potential.

Lessons for Amateur Golfers

For average golfers, Ko provides an excellent illustration of identifying golf ball models that allow you to execute your full range of shots with confidence and control.

Testing different premium balls using a launch monitor to compare key metrics like spin rates, launch angle, descent angle, and speed is invaluable. But subjective feel preferences also come into play.

Finding your ideal match that synchronizes with your senses and skills will unlock your best golf, just as Lydia Ko has demonstrated through thoughtful testing processes.

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