What Golf Ball Does Viktor Hovland Use?

Over the past few seasons, Norwegian star Viktor Hovland has rapidly ascended into one of professional golf’s biggest young talents.

Since claiming PGA Tour Rookie of the Year honors in 2019, Hovland has already notched four tour wins at just age 25.

His incredible ball-striking skills have him ranked among the tour’s best in strokes gained off the tee and approach shots.

Seeing the caliber of shots Hovland consistently delivers, many fans wonder – what golf ball does Viktor Hovland play to optimize his world-class game?

Let’s take a look at the golf ball Viktor trusts week in and week out.

What Golf Ball Does Viktor Hovland Use

Viktor Hovland’s Choice – TaylorMade TP5x

Throughout his early professional career, Viktor Hovland has used the TaylorMade TP5x as his ball of choice. This makes sense given Hovland’s status as a TaylorMade staffer and his elite-level game requiring tour performance.

The TP5x gives Hovland the combination of tremendous distance off the driver along with maximized iron shot spin needed to attack pins. Urethane cover performance provides the soft feel Hovland prefers as well.

TP5x Technology and Construction

TaylorMade’s TP5x utilizes a 5-layer construction to deliver its tour-caliber performance:

  • High flex dual core contains an inner core wrapped by an outer core, both using different materials. Increases speed.
  • DuPont HPF inner mantle layer adds resilience to boost distance.
  • A stiffer HPF outer mantle controls excess spin on full shots.
  • Cast urethane cover promotes short-game spin and a soft feel around the greens.

This design generates the ideal low spin, high launch, and soft feel blend.

TP5x Ball Flight and Performance

The TP5x flight characteristics match up well with elite player attributes:

  • Low driver spin promotes distance for high-swing speed players like Hovland.
  • Penetrating flight is ideal for windy conditions and cuts through the air for consistency.
  • Maintains mid-iron height without ballooning on full shots. Optimized angle of descent.
  • Urethane cover creates tour-level greenside spin and control.

TP5x gives players like Hovland total performance to elevate their game.

What Golf Balls Could Hovland Consider?

While Hovland is committed to the TP5x, some other tour-caliber golf balls that could fit his game include:

  • Titleist Pro V1x – One of the most played tour balls. Firmer feel with low spin.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X – Soft urethane cover and lower spin.
  • Bridgestone Tour B X – REACTIV cover boosts ball speed potential.
  • Srixon Z-Star XV – 4-piece construction with energetic gradient core.

Hovland’s precise strike and high swing speed give him solid options.

Hovland’s Testing and Selection Process

Hovland put significant rigor into testing golf balls to settle on the TP5x:

  • Worked closely with TaylorMade reps early in his pro career on ball testing.
  • Tested TP5 and TP5x on course to gauge preferences around feel, workability, and distance.
  • Analyzed data like launch, spin rates, and apex using Trackman and simulator tools.
  • Dialed in TP5x performance through a custom fitting at TaylorMade Kingdom.
  • Trusted TP5x immediately without needing further adjustments.

This comprehensive process gave Hovland total confidence in his golf ball decision.

Viktor Hovland Golf Ball

Why the TP5x is Ideal for Hovland’s Game

Several key attributes of the TP5x match up perfectly with Hovland’s skills and tendencies:

Extreme Driver Distance

Hovland is one of the PGA Tour’s longest hitters. The TP5x’s low spin and high launch optimize his driver carry.

Exceptional Iron Play

Hovland ranks highly in strokes gained approach stats thanks to his pinpoint iron play. TP5x generates the moderate iron spin he requires.

Soft Feel Preferences

Despite high swing speeds, Hovland prefers a softer feeling ball for tour-level greenside control. The TP5x urethane cover provides.

Piercing, Low Ball Flight

Hovland excels at controlling ball flight even in adverse conditions. TP5x sustains trajectory through wind and humidity.

Demanding Quality Needs

To compete with the best, Hovland’s standards for consistency match the TP5x’s construction precision.

The TP5x checks every box for Hovland’s overpowering, accurate game.

Hovland’s Sponsorship Deal With TaylorMade

Part of Hovland’s relationship with TaylorMade includes an endorsement deal to use and promote their equipment:

  • TaylorMade announced signing Hovland in 2019 shortly after he turned pro.
  • Hovland features prominently across TaylorMade’s marketing.
  • Lengthy contract terms are undisclosed but expected to be multi-year.
  • Required to have TaylorMade club/ball logo visibility during tournaments.
  • Expected to provide feedback on prototype equipment during R&D.

Such partnerships are common between elite players and major equipment brands like TaylorMade.

What Golf Ball Should You Use?

While everyday players shouldn’t copy tour pros’ equipment directly, some key takeaways from Hovland’s golf ball decision can guide your selection:

  • Get properly fit for launch, spin rates, compression, and other ball flight dynamics. Don’t just guess when choosing a ball.
  • Test balls thoroughly on course across a variety of weather conditions to judge performance.
  • Match construction to your specific swing speed, strike characteristics, and preference for feel.
  • Don’t assume the tour brand alone is right for your game. Evaluate objectively.

Let Hovland’s diligence in identifying the optimal golf ball inspire your own informed fitting and testing process.


Viktor Hovland’s meteoric rise in professional golf can be attributed in part to finding equipment like the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball that is perfectly suited for his game.

The TP5x provides Hovland low driver spin for extreme distances along with mid iron shot height and greenside control.

While tour pros have access to an array of equipment, smart players like Hovland meticulously test gear to determine the best match for their abilities.

Use Hovland’s ball testing approach as inspiration to conduct your own thorough fitting analysis. Dialing in the golf ball engineered for your personal swing tendencies will unlock better performance.

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