What is a Good Price for Used Golf Balls?

Every golfer loves finding a great deal on used golf balls. With prices of the top models like the Titleist Pro V1 hitting $50 or more per dozen, being able to buy balls even half that price seems like a steal.

But determining what actually represents a quality discounted price on recycled golf balls requires a nuanced understanding of the used golf ball market.

Let’s dig into the factors that set the fair value of reused golf balls to help you snag the best bargains without getting ripped off.

What is a Good Price for Used Golf Balls

Used Golf Ball Condition Grading

Just like with trading cards or vintage goods, used golf balls are valued based on their condition grade:

  • Mint (5) – Brand new condition with no visible blemishes or play. Collector grade.
  • Near Mint (4) – Little or no play but may have scuff marks. Still in excellent condition.
  • Very Good (3) – Lightly used with some minor scuffs and stains but plenty of life left.
  • Good (2) – Moderate number of visible blemishes and markings from multiple rounds of play.
  • Average (1) – Heavily used balls with significant scuffs, discoloration, and performance degradation.

Mint and near-mint balls demand higher pricing while average conditions see steep discounts. Know the grading scale when negotiating bulk used ball deals.

Impact of Brand & Model

Higher-end tour caliber balls naturally command more value. Here is a general pricing hierarchy for models in very good condition:

  • Premium Tour Balls – Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 ($$$)
  • Performance Balls – Callaway Chrome Soft, Titleist Velocity ($$)
  • Distance Balls – Noodle, Pinnacle ($)
  • Unknown Mix – Random assorted brands and models ($)

Properly identifying exact models boosts value over generic batches. Everyone wants the latest Pro V1 even used, while off-brands settle for bare minimum pricing.

Quantities Involved

Bulk numbers significantly affect overall pricing:

  • Buying 12-24 balls individually or in very small lots runs higher per ball from the seller’s effort.
  • A dozen packs offer modest cost savings but still convenient pricing.
  • Buying 50-100 balls brings bulk discounts.
  • 200+ balls secures the best per-ball pricing but requires proper storage.

Buy only what you’ll use within a year, as old balls lose pop sitting too long.

Sourcing Overruns vs Recycled

Unused overrun balls still in wrapper command premium pricing close to 50% off new retail. These can closely match new conditions.

True used balls with play wear are more unpredictable but offer savings up to 70% when bought intelligently.

Reputation of the Seller

Whether listing on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook or elsewhere, seller feedback rating plays a role.

Established used golf ball companies will justify higher pricing thanks to product guarantees and service.

Beware stranger direct deals with no safeguards – massive variances in quality exist.

Speed of Delivery

If you need balls quickly, local pickup or paying expedited shipping inflates costs.

Factor time and convenience into price comparisons.

Personal Preferences

Some players only trust certain brands or models. This loyalty necessitates paying slight premiums to secure desired balls.

Others are comfortable using a wide variety of quality brands and budgets to save cash.

Know yourself and whether “minty” balls are worth extra to aid your confidence.

Seasonal Supply & Demand

Used ball pricing fluctuates moderately based on time of year. When demand rises in spring or supply dips in winter, expect to pay 10-20% more per ball. Finding deals requires buying off-peak.

These numerous considerations make it tricky to pin down exact used golf ball pricing. But in general:

  • Very Good (4) Titleist Pro V1’s should be $20-25/dozen.
  • Good (3) Callaway Chrome Softs $15-20/dozen.
  • 50+ ball bulk packs of mixed premium balls around $1/ball.
  • 100+ balls closer to $.75-90/ball.
  • Leave the shag bag specials under $.50/ball alone.

Apply the right framework to secure quality used golf balls at fair bargain prices for your budget and preferences. Just remember — a deal too good to be true usually is.

Good Price for Used Golf Balls

Ways to Find the Best Used Ball Deals

Here are smart strategies for sourcing discounted used golf balls:

Buy in Off-Season

Search locally and online during less busy winter months when demand dips. Sellers are eager for cash.

Join Finds Groups

Search Facebook and forums for used ball finds groups to locate vetted sellers and buyers. Tips and referrals make finding deals easier.

Befriend Course Rangers

Make friends with the marshals and they’ll give you first dibs on the best-collected lake balls before listing it online.

Scout Online Listings

Check eBay, Craigslist, and OfferUp regularly to jump on good bulk lots of premium balls while available.

Connect With Sellers at Ranges

Ask around local ranges and some will happily sell the used balls they’ve collected for pure profit.

Buy Old Models

Current year models cost more. Last year’s designs still play great at a discount.

Signs of Quality vs Problems

When assessing used balls:

Quality Signs

  • Crisp logos and print
  • Minimal bag wear
  • Firmness on squeezing
  • Clean cover sheen

Problems Signs

  • Stamp smearing
  • Deep scuffs
  • Soft or cracked feeling
  • Discoloration

A good eye protects against subpar quality.

Should You Play Used Golf Balls?

Used golf balls offer huge value and savings for all levels of players, with little performance downside when bought carefully:

  • Beginners benefit from cost-effective practice balls as they lose many starting out. Lake balls also hurry the learning process on errant shots.
  • High handicappers gain confidence using a premium tour ball within budget. Brand matters when building skills.
  • Consistent mid handicappers keep costs down while piling up quality rounds with lightly used Pro V1’s.
  • Only very low-handicap elite players demand absolute perfection and newness to optimize every shot. But deals still exist on mint overruns.

The used market makes playing a top-notch ball reasonable for 95% of golfers. Take advantage of these great bargains!


Used golf balls present an opportunity to save big on premium brands provided you carefully assess condition, model, seller reputation and seasonal pricing. Bulk quantities bring the best value per ball when bought smartly during off-peak periods.

While not for every golfer, lightly used Pro V1s offer solid performance for most players. Take your time to inspect quality and learn to source the best deals. With a discerning eye, used golf balls can become your budget best friend.

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