What is PutterBall Golf? Can It Help Your Regular Game?

PutterBall is a fun modified version of golf played exclusively on and around the putting green. Instead of using traditional golf clubs and balls, PutterBall utilizes only the putter and uniquely constructed PutterBall foam golf balls.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly PutterBall golf is, how it is played, its benefits for regular golf skills, and the specialized PutterBall equipment that makes it possible.

Let’s delve into this entertaining mini-golf putting game that golfers of all ages can enjoy just about anywhere.

What is PutterBall Golf

Overview of PutterBall Golf

PutterBall is played on a regulation putting green using only a putter and the soft, foam PutterBalls. The goal is to complete each hole in the fewest number of strokes, just like regular golf. Some key rules and aspects of PutterBall include:

  • Holes can be placed anywhere on the green, not just traditional hole locations.
  • Players putt their ball from the tee area towards and around the green to eventually hole out.
  • Anywhere on the green is in play. There are no out of bounds or penalties.
  • Obstacles like trees, bushes, sand traps, etc. can be incorporated around the green.
  • The soft PutterBalls prevent any damage to people or property.

PutterBall combines entertainment, skill challenges, and physical activity into a casual backyard golf putting game anyone can set up and enjoy.

PutterBall Equipment

Two essential pieces of equipment make PutterBall possible:


PutterBalls are foam golf balls with a soft rubber exterior specially designed to not damage property or harm players when struck. Their squishy compression and lively bounce bring a unique element to PutterBall.

  • Weigh just 30 grams compared to 45 grams for a regulation golf ball.
  • Made from durable closed-cell foam; highly resistant to damage.
  • Measures 45mm in diameter, smaller than a regulation ball.
  • Offered in vivid colors like orange, green, and yellow for visibility.


While any putter can work, specialty PutterBall putters maximize control given the light weight of PutterBalls.

  • Very lightweight, weighing under 300 grams.
  • Extended, oversized heads improve accuracy.
  • Long shafts up to 43” allow executing creative shots.

The combination of the specialized PutterBall foam balls and oversized putters enables executing a wide range of exciting putting shots around the green.

PutterBall Golf

How to Play PutterBall Golf

PutterBall can be played just like a regulation golf hole, or specialized rules and obstacles can be incorporated to increase the challenge and fun. Here is an overview of basic PutterBall play:

  • Tee up your PutterBall in the designated tee box area.
  • Putt the ball toward the green and work it around any obstacles.
  • Once on the green, putt out just as you would in regular golf.
  • Get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes to earn the lowest score.
  • Vary hole locations, create obstacles, or institute creative rules to enhance enjoyment.

PutterBall provides hours of entertainment practicing putting skills without needing a full golf course or advanced equipment.

Benefits of Improving Regular Golf Game

Beyond just being a backyard pastime, developing skills through PutterBall directly translates into better performance in real golf situations:

  • Improves overall putting skills like distance control, accuracy, and touch.
  • Allows experimenting with creative shots like lobs, backspins, etc. risk-free.
  • Develops ability to read tricky greens and slopes.
  • Provides realistic uphill, downhill, and sidehill putts.
  • Instills muscle memory for touch shots and improves coordination.

Many PGA Tour pros even incorporate PutterBall into their practice routines to hone their world-class putting skills in a pressure-free environment.

Where Can PutterBall Golf Be Played?

One of the best aspects of PutterBall is that it can be set up and played nearly anywhere:

  • Backyards – Portable PutterBall hole kits allow creating a backyard putting course.
  • Putting Greens – Use a practice putting green at a golf course or facility.
  • Office Building – Set up office PutterBall matches by creating holes with obstacles.
  • Tailgating – For fun before the big game with foam balls preventing any damage.
  • Indoors – Practice PutterBall putting indoors during winter or bad weather.

The portability and adaptability of PutterBall equipment make it possible to play anytime, anywhere.

In Conclusion

PutterBall golf provides a fun, accessible backyard putting game using specialized oversized putters and soft foam balls. It enables the development of real golf skills without needing full-scale equipment or access to a golf course.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy and improve your putting proficiency from the convenience of home, definitely give PutterBall golf a try!

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