Are Maxfli Golf Balls Good Quality?

Maxfli golf balls have built a reputation as an affordable value brand rather than high performance over the past few decades.

But steady upgrades have improved quality. Maxfli now produces very solid performing mid-level balls as part of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Are Maxfli Golf Balls Good Quality

Background on Maxfli Golf

Maxfli dates back as a golf ball and club brand to the late 1800s. The company thrived in supplying recreational players with quality equipment at moderate prices through much of the 20th century.

Their budget-friendly products appealed best to average golfers rather than pros.

Limited Adoption by Professional Players

While trusted by many casual players, Maxfli maintained minimal usage or validation on professional tours over the history of the brand even during its heyday.

Most pros prefer premium-priced balls.

Signature Slazenger Acquisition

In 1985, conglomerate Slazenger purchased the Maxfli brand and relocated operations overseas to reduce manufacturing costs and maintain profitability. Quality suffered during this transition period.

Declining Prominence

Maxfli’s market prominence and consumer opinion declined through the 1990s and early 2000s as Slazenger changed product focus towards discount pricing over performance quality and marketing support. Shelves cut inventory.

Dick’s Acquires Maxfli

In 2003, Dick’s Sporting Goods acquired the languishing Maxfli brand with the aim of reviving its reputation.

Dick’s invested in upgrading product designs, materials, and marketing. Quality began improving.

Research Team Refocused on Ball Performance

Under Dick’s leadership, the Maxfli golf ball R&D team redirected efforts back into mechanical designs over cost reduction.

This modernized Maxfli ball performance capabilities lagging competitors.

Improved Materials and Consistency

Updating manufacturing sourcing and introducing innovative materials like DuPont’s HPF inner layer boosted Maxfli golf ball speed and consistency in recent models versus old versions. Balls LASTED longer.

Expanded Golf Ball Selections

Recent Maxfli offerings expanded beyond recreational balls to include specialized models for women, seniors, and high swing speed, and low compression needs. Variety returned to shelves.

Significantly Lower Pricing Than Titleist Brands

While Dick’s also owns Titleist, Maxfli balls sell 40-50% below Titleist sister brand models.

Value pricing remains central to Maxfli’s market positioning targeting cost-conscious average players.

 Maxfli Golf Balls

Performance Testing Results

In independent golf ball robot and amateur testing, new Maxfli golf ball designs show respectable performance in distance, accuracy, and feel versus direct budget brand competitors, although remain a level below premium balls.

But significant savings over leading brands make Maxfli enticing.

Improved Brand Perception Among Amateurs

With upgraded technology and quality, Maxfli’s reputation has risen over the past decade among amateur players even if tour exposure is minimal.

Reviews praise the balance of affordability and better performance. The brand deserves reevaluation.

Ideal For Recreational Players

Maxfli golf balls best serve casual golfers who play primarily for fun and exercise rather than low handicap players chasing maximum spin, feel, and precision. But variety helps across needs.

Where to Purchase Maxfli Golf Balls

While Maxfli availability remains limited outside Dick’s Sporting Goods, their retail website and stores provide wide local access to balls spanning price tiers. Testing value Maxfli balls provide quality on a budget.

Maxfli – A Returned Competitive Value Brand

In summary, through updated materials and construction innovations prompted by Dick’s ownership, today’s Maxfli golf balls have reestablished the brand as a competitive value option – best for mid to high-handicap amateurs rather than professionals.

While Maxfli still trails leading OEMs in technology and performance, their revamped quality and affordability deserve reevaluation by price-conscious players seeking improvement on a budget.

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