Is Noodle a Good Golf Ball Brand?

Noodle is one of the most recognizable value-oriented golf ball brands on the market, known for its affordable prices and relaxed, fun-loving image.

But are Noodle golf balls simply cheap, low-quality novelty balls? Or does the Noodle brand actually produce a respectable performance at a budget-friendly cost? Here is an overview of what Noodle offers golfers.

Is Noodle a Good Golf Ball Brand?

Background on the Noodle Brand

Noodle is a subsidiary golf ball brand of Dallas, Texas-based Dynamic Brands. Founded in the 1980s, Dynamic Brands manufactures various value-priced sporting goods.

The whimsical Noodle brand aimed to appeal to beginners seeking quality equipment without intimidating terminology or premium pricing. The name invokes their soft, relaxed profile.

Focus on Recreational Golfers

From the start, Noodle golf balls specifically targeted casual recreational players rather than low-handicap tournament golfers.

Their priorities center around affordability, durability, and distance. Noodle delivers basic performance forgiving enough for infrequent play.

Expanded Brands Under the Noodle Umbrella

The core Noodle brand evolved to offer balls tailored to various swing speeds and budgets:

  • Noodle – Their standard distance ball for slower swing speeds
  • Noodle Long & Soft – Softer compression and lower spin for moderate swing speeds
  • Noodle Ice – Firmer surlyn cover for cooler temperatures
  • Noodle Plus – Higher compression for faster swing speeds
  • Noodle Easy Distance – Extremely low compression core maximizing effortless distance

This diversified brand umbrella aims to deliver a Noodle ball suitable for nearly every amateur’s preferences and abilities. They understand most golfers prioritize enjoyment over perfection.

Very Affordable Pricing

The standout feature across all Noodle golf balls remains extremely affordable pricing. Two dozen packs start around just $20 at major sporting goods stores.

Even premium balls pale in comparison to Noodle’s budget-conscious prices. This makes Noodle particularly appealing to recreational golfers playing less frequently or looking to save money.

Performance Expectations with Noodle Balls

Golfers should not expect tour-level spin, high-end urethane feel, or the most advanced constructions from Noodle Balls.

But modern durable surlyn covers, quality cores optimized for slower speeds, and upgraded dimple patterns make them fully playable for recreational play while minimizing ugly mis-hits.

Performance meets reasonable expectations given the discount pricing.

Durability for Average Amateur Swing Speeds

The surlyn covers on Noodle balls offer good cut-resistance and shear durability for moderate swing speeds below 90 mph.

While urethane covers provide superior short-game spin and control, Noodle’s ionomer covers last longer for infrequent hitters who put wear and tear on balls over longer periods between purchases. Durability matters.

Vibrant Colors Options

Unlike more traditional golf ball brands, Noodle infuses its line with vibrant non-traditional color options in shades like orange, yellow, green, and pink.

This appeals to new golfers seeking a fun, relaxed experience rather than stuffy country club formality. The colors also aid visibility and alignment.

Innovative Designs

In addition to color, Noodle incorporates innovative design concepts like the Easy Straight dimple pattern on the Long and Soft that reduces hook and slice tendency.

Optimizing aerodynamics compensates for off-center strikes. Their R&D team focuses on the real needs of amateurs.

Noodle Golf Balls

Opinions Among Golfers are Split

However, surveys among average golfers reveal polarized opinions on Noodle balls. Some crave low prices and bright colors.

But others feel even basic brands like Titleist DT TruSoft provide better consistency and course performance for only marginally higher costs. Split decisions reflect the diversity of golfer personalities and priorities.

Limited Feedback and Ratings From Golfers

Unfortunately, fewer Noodle golf ball reviews appear on sites like Golf Ball Planet compared to major name brands.

Without extensive feedback from actual golfers, performance claims remain harder to validate.

However, some pro shops report respectable interest in Noodle balls from students and beginners based on lower pricing.

Unknown If Adopted by Any Tour Professionals

To date, no notable professional golfer plays Noodle golf balls even in unofficial tournaments.

The recreational focus probably limits adoption. Without tour usage, Noodle lacks validation from elite players, unlike prominent brands aligned with stars. But their target audience cares less.

Minimal Brand Awareness and Buzz

Despite catchy branding and longevity in the budget golf ball segment, Noodle has much lower awareness and buzz than Titleist, Callaway, and other market leaders.

Some rookie golfers may not have encountered Noodle before. They offer less technical storytelling versus advanced tech. But their fun vibe builds niche appeal.

Where to Buy Noodle Golf Balls

While harder to find at traditional golf shops, leading retailers like Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, and Target sell Noodle golf balls in-store and online at substantial savings over premium balls.

Noodle’s e-commerce site also offers direct ordering. Buying in bulk maximizes value.

The Verdict – Best Suited to Newer Recreational Golfers

In summary, while Noodle golf balls may not provide the most advanced performance and their reputation trails leading brands, their extreme affordability and forgiving designs make them best suited for the needs of newer, developing recreational players who participate sporadically.

For golfers prioritizing low-cost fun and less concerned with maximizing yardage or spin, Noodle warrants consideration. But expectations must align with the budget price tier.

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