Is the Callaway Supersoft a Good Golf Ball?

The Callaway Supersoft has surged in popularity over the past decade to become one of the bestselling golf balls across all skill levels.

Its ultra-low compression core makes the Supersoft a favorite among seniors, women, and amateur players with moderate swing speeds.

But how does this budget-friendly golf ball actually perform? Is the Supersoft more than just clever marketing?

Let’s analyze the Supersoft’s construction, capabilities, and ideal player profile to understand if it can also work for your game.

Is the Callaway Supersoft a Good Golf Ball

Supersoft Overview and History

Callaway first introduced the Supersoft model in 2015 as the company’s lowest compression core design. It incorporated new “Superlow” technology:

  • Advertised 38 compression rating, the lowest allowed under USGA rules.
  • Promoted higher launch and low spin from the super soft feel.
  • Ultra-low spin on full shots for added distance.
  • Same HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern as other Callaway balls.
  • Surlyn cover provided short game control around greens.
  • Options of all-white or multi-color optic designs.

This unique construction made the Supersoft an instant hit, especially among low swing speed players. Callaway has iterated annually on the same soft fast core concept.

Supersoft Technology and Construction

The 2022 Supersoft features an evolution of the breakthrough low-compression core:

  • New 36 compression SoftFast Core based on a complex 3-piece construction.
  • Machine learning aided computer modeling optimized core geometry.
  • Highly resilient Ionomer Cover for greenside control.
  • New HEX Surface design with high coverage 336 dimple pattern.
  • Reformulated Paraloid Impact Modifier inserts enhance feel.

The same breakthrough softness is now enhanced with advanced engineering and manufacturing processes.

Supersoft Compression and Feel

The Supersoft’s world record low 36 compression represents ultra-high deformability.

Compression compares the deflection of a golf ball under a static load versus steel. Lower compression correlates to a softer feel.

At just 36 compressions, the Supersoft optimizes low swing speed energy transfer for faster ball speeds. The impact generates almost no “pop” sensation due to minimal core deformation.

This extreme softness helps explain Supersoft’s popularity among slower-swinging players.

Supersoft Player Profile and Benefits

Here is an overview of golfers who benefit most from the Callaway Supersoft:

  • Senior golfers wanting a soft feel ball that spins less.
  • Women recreational players seeking more distance without sacrificing feel.
  • Beginners needing high launch and stable flight from the driver through the irons.
  • Amateurs with moderate clubhead speeds below 90 mph.
  • Short games seeking excellent grab-and-stop ability on pitches and chips.
  • Golfers wanting a soft ball at a very affordable price point.

The Supersoft optimizes moderate swing speed performance in terms of launch, distance, and spin reduction.

Callaway Supersoft Good Golf Ball

Supersoft Ball Flight and Performance

Let’s analyze the Supersoft’s capabilities across all shot types:


  • Core deformation even on slower impact generates solid speed for longer carry.
  • Low spin off the tee promotes distance over slice correction. Wider dispersion.
  • Heightened launch angle increases total yards as spin stays low.


  • Energy transfers well on shorter irons also with good partial compression.
  • Maintains line on slim profile with responsive HEX cover.
  • Works best with stronger lofts to compensate for higher trajectories.

Partial Wedges:

  • Softest feel around the greens with precision grab and stop ability.
  • Low spin promotes bump and runs viability using a putting stroke.
  • Weaker golfer entrapment issues require using a higher loft.


  • Soft feel provides forgiveness and a smooth roll-on impact.
  • Minimizes pop and skidding from mishits.
  • Highly consistent speeds across sweet spots for accuracy.

Well suited for moderate abilities but higher swing speeds lose energy.

Supersoft Limitations

While beneficial for many, the Supersoft does carry some performance limitations:

  • Faster swing speeds above 105 mph will compress the core too much, losing ball speed and spin.
  • Low spin makes holding firm greens and maximizing approach shot spin difficult for lower handicaps.
  • Very high launch and height reduce the ability to flight irons compared to tour-level balls.
  • Not as durable as firmer ionomer-covered balls, although improved over early models.

Better players are better suited with firmer options that generate mid-low launch and spin.

Alternative Ball Recommendations

If the Supersoft’s limitations don’t match your high speed or trajectory preference, consider these alternatives:

  • Callaway Chrome Soft – Firmer dual core with urethane cover for extra spin and control.
  • Titleist Pro V1 – The gold standard in tour performance for faster swings.
  • Srixon Z-Star XV – 4-piece construct with energetic gradient core for low spin.
  • Bridgestone Tour B X – REACTIV urethane cover boosts ball speed and feel.
  • VICE Pro Soft – Quality 3-piece ball extremely soft feel across speeds.

Try monitoring spin rates and smash factor to identify best match.

Supersoft Value Proposition

Along with its performance merits, the reasonable price point of the Supersoft has contributed to its popularity.

Recent dozen-pack pricing averages:

This saves budget-focused golfers at least 30% without fully sacrificing quality and consistency. Offers outstanding value per shot compared to tour balls.


The Callaway Supersoft has cemented itself as a leading ball for seniors, women and amateur players based on its extremely soft low compression core and high launch stability.

Maximum energy transfer gives slow to moderate swing speeds excellent driver distance along with soft, precise short-game control.

While faster swingers are better fit with firmer alternatives, the Supersoft’s blend of absorption, launch and discounted pricing will continue making it a top option for average player performance and enjoyment.

Give the Supersoft a try to experience its unmatched softness.

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