What Golf Ball Does Fred Couples Play?

As a World Golf Hall of Fame inductee with 15 PGA Tour wins including the 1992 Masters, Fred Couples has been one of professional golf’s most iconic players for over 30 years.

His buttery smooth swing and laidback demeanor earned him the nickname “Boom Boom.”

Here is an overview of the golf balls Couples has used over his illustrious career along with his current preferences.

What Golf Ball Does Fred Couples Play

Couples’ Golf Ball Usage Throughout His Career

During his prime PGA Tour years, Fred Couples used:

  • Titleist Professional 90 – One of Titleist’s original tour-caliber balls that Couples relied on from the late 1970s through the late 1980s during his early pro years.
  • Titleist Tour Balata 100 – The soft balata-covered Tour Balata became Couples’ ball of choice upon its release up until balata models were phased out in the late 1990s. He relied on the Balata for over a decade.
  • Titleist Pro V1x – When the revolutionary Pro V1 arrived in 2000, Couples began using the firmer Pro V1x model matched to his high swing speed. He continues using Pro V1x models currently.

Why Balata Balls Worked Well For Couples’ Game

During his prime playing years until the late 1990s, Fred Couples utilized Titleist’s balata-covered balls which were preferred by nearly all tour professionals.

The soft balata provided a tremendous feel and ample greenside spin. Skilled players like Couples were able to maximize Balata’s precision while minimizing its low durability.

Couples’ world-class iron play and touch around the greens benefited from the extra control and shapeability balata covers supplied.

He trusted the same balata balls to capture his lone Major at the 1992 Masters played at Augusta.

Transition to the Pro V1 After Balata Era Ended

When Titleist phased out balata balls due to urethane composite covers rendering them obsolete, Couples switched to the breakthrough Pro V1 line upon its 2000 debut.

The new 3-piece Pro V1 delivered a similar greenside spin and feel to Balata while proving significantly more durable.

Couples contributed feedback into fine-tuning the Pro V1 models to match his preferences and aggressive swing speed. He continues using Pro V1x models tuned to his game through a precise ball fitting.

Couples Has Remained Loyal to Titleist

Throughout his entire career since turning professional in 1980, Fred Couples has remained loyal to Titleist as his golf ball of choice.

He never considered switching brands despite lucrative endorsement offers. The continuity benefitted his consistent ball striking.

Even well into his 60s competing on the PGA Tour Champions, Couples relies on properly fit Pro V1x balls he trusts intimately through decades of learning nuances.

He knows exactly how they perform in any situation.

Fred Couples Golf Ball

Inside Fred Couples’ Golf Bag

Here is an overview of what else Fred Couples currently has in his golf bag in addition to the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball:

  • Driver: PING G425 LST
  • Fairway wood: PING G425
  • Utility iron: PING i500
  • Irons: PING i210
  • Wedges: PING Glide Forged
  • Putter: Bettinardi Fred Couples Limited Edition

Couples’ Career Accomplishments and Wins

Some notable achievements during Fred Couples’ 40+ year professional career include:

  • 1992 Masters Champion
  • 15 PGA Tour Wins
  • 5 PGA Tour Champions Wins
  • 1992 PGA Tour Player of the Year
  • World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

The Power of Proper Golf Ball Fitting

Throughout his many years competing at golf’s highest level, Fred Couples has understood the importance of dialing in golf ball construction and performance characteristics specifically matched to his abilities.

Working closely with Titleist to identify optimal combinations of dimple patterns, core formulations, compression ratings, and cover materials to complement his high clubhead speed has maximized Couples’ success.

Precise ball fitting helps any golfer gain an edge.

Consistency and Confidence Matter

In addition to fine-tuned performance, Fred Couples’ decades-long relationship using Titleist Pro V1 golf balls fostered invaluable consistency and confidence in how each shot shapes and feels.

Through muscle memory built over 30+ years of Pro V1 usage, he knows precisely what to expect.

This continuity has simplified Couples’ ability to control shots under pressure and commit to aggressive lines when scoring matters most.

Finding your ideal ball match unlocks trust.

The Search for Continuous Improvements

Even deep into his 60s, Fred Couples works closely with Titleist constantly testing new Pro V1 prototypes seeking incremental improvements in distance, trajectory, spin rates, feel, and control.

He actively tries new models and constructions in search of any possible edge to perform better.

For all golfers, being open to reevaluating equipment as new technologies emerge can lead you to your best possible golf ball when aligned with proper professional fitting. Do not settle for complacency.

In summary, Fred Couples has trusted Titleist golf balls his entire legendary professional career.

From balata to the breakthrough Pro V1 line, finding the right ball through dedicated testing and fitting played a major role in Couples’ success in all facets of the game from powering tee shots to finesse scoring.

His trust in Titleist has spanned generations unchanged by fads.

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