What Golf Ball Does Will Zalatoris Use?

Will Zalatoris has quickly established himself as one of the top rising stars in professional golf.

Since earning his PGA Tour card in 2020, he has notched six runner-up finishes including two 2nd place results at major championships. Zalatoris nearly captured his first major title at the 2022 PGA Championship.

A key part of Zalatoris’ rapid success stems from having the right equipment in the bag. When it comes to his golf ball choice, Zalatoris relies on the Titleist Pro V1x.

Let’s examine why Zalatoris chooses the Pro V1x and how it fits into his game.

What Golf Ball Does Will Zalatoris Use

Will Zalatoris’ Partnership with Titleist Golf Balls

Will Zalatoris has trusted Titleist golf balls dating back to his college golf days playing for Wake Forest University.

He appreciates the Pro V1 line’s unparalleled quality, performance, and consistency.

Since joining the PGA Tour, Zalatoris expanded his relationship with Titleist into a formal brand partnership. He now plays the Titleist Pro V1x model exclusively.

The 2022 Pro V1x provides Zalatoris with the ideal combination of low driver spin, exceptional iron shot control, and a soft feel preferred by professionals. It suits his game perfectly.

Zalatoris also receives custom Pro V1x models stamped with his initials “WZ”. Having his own personalized Titleist golf ball is a source of pride and confidence as he competes at the game’s top level.

Titleist Pro V1x Technology and Performance

Titleist’s Pro V1x is engineered using a multi-component construction designed to deliver tour-level performance:

  • Large, High-Speed Dual Core – Inner core softens feel on partial impacts, outer layer boosts ball speed on pure strikes.
  • High Flex Casing Layer – Adds snap to increase ball velocity and lower long-game spin.
  • Stiff Ionomeric Casing Layer – Maintains spherical integrity for consistency across the face.
  • Faster Urethane Elastomer Cover – Minimizes driver spin and promotes drop-and-stop control into greens.
  • A.I. Designed 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design – High coverage dimples further reduce drag.

This provides the superior distance, piercing trajectory, greenside playability, and quality required by the world’s best players like Zalatoris.

How the Pro V1x Aligns With Zalatoris’ Skills

Now let’s examine Will Zalatoris’ golf skills and see why the characteristics of the Pro V1x match his game so well:

Exceptional Ball Striking

Zalatoris is one of the top iron players on tour, ranking highly in strokes gained approach stats. The Pro V1x generates the precise shot shaping, spin and stopping power he demands.

Power and Distance

He also drives the ball deep off the tee. The low-drag Pro V1x allows him to maximize distance on his powerful, high-speed swing.

Workability and Control

Shaping a variety of controlled shot flights is important to Zalatoris. The Pro V1x gives him the responsiveness and spin required.

Soft Feel Preferences

Despite his youth, Zalatoris prefers a softer-feeling golf ball, especially on finesse shots. The Pro V1x provides that softness while still maintaining its tour performance.

Premium Quality

To compete with the best, Zalatoris relies on Titleist’s outstanding manufacturing consistency and quality standards.

The Pro V1x clearly complements Zalatoris’ advanced ball striking skills and feel preferences. It’s the ideal fit for his game.

Golf Ball Will Zalatoris Use

What Other Golf Balls Could Suit Will Zalatoris?

While Zalatoris is committed to Titleist, what are other top golf ball models on the market that he could consider switching to? Here are a few Pro V1x alternatives that may also work for his game:

TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade’s 5-layer TP5x delivers lower driver spin thanks to the firm tri-fast core and higher stiffness casing. The lower spin could match Zalatoris’ preference for distance.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Callaway’s 3-piece Chrome Soft X prioritizes lowball spin while providing a soft feel from the graphene-infused core. Zalatoris may appreciate the blend of low spin and softness.

Bridgestone Tour B X

The 4-piece Bridgestone Tour B X utilizes the REACTIV cover to increase ball speed. It also spins less off the driver and has a soft feel around the greens. Seamless for Zalatoris.

Srixon Z-Star XV

Srixon Z-Star XV is a tour-level 4-piece ball with an emphasis on performance and feel. The energetic gradient growth core satisfies Zalatoris’ preferences.

Mizuno RB Tour or Tour X

Mizuno’s RB Tour series offers either mid or low-spin models. The buttery soft covers could appeal to Zalatoris given his desire for a soft feel despite his high clubhead speeds.

While the Pro V1x remains the ideal ball for his game, Zalatoris has plenty of quality alternatives should he ever re-evaluate his choices.

Will Zalatoris’ Golf Ball Testing and Selection Process

How did Will Zalatoris arrive at the 2022 Titleist Pro V1x as his golf ball of choice and what was his selection process like? Here is an overview:

  • Played Titleist Pro V1 starting in college golf at Wake Forest until turning professional.
  • Began testing models like the TaylorMade TP5x and Callaway Chrome Soft X after joining PGA Tour.
  • Worked closely with Titleist tour reps to evaluate different Pro V1 prototypes and provide feedback during the development process.
  • Meticulously analyzed data like ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates using TrackMan and other technology to assess performance.
  • Judged feel and control around the greens hitting shots from tight lies and bunkers. Soft feel was a priority.
  • Settled on the firmer feeling, low-spin 2022 Pro V1x as the optimal match for his swing speed and desire for penetrating flight.
  • Trusted the new Pro V1x immediately, rolling it right into tournament play.

Zalatoris takes a very systematic approach to evaluating equipment and dialed in the Pro V1x quickly. He’ll likely rely on this model for years to come.

Will Zalatoris ' Golf Ball

What Golf Ball Should You Use Based on Will Zalatoris?

While every day golfers don’t copy tour pros’ equipment directly, Zalatoris’ testing process provides great lessons:

  • Start by analyzing your game statistics and needs. What ball performance (distance, spin, etc.) best matches your skills?
  • Experiment with various models under real course conditions and examine the data. Don’t just assume a ball will work based on brand or marketing claims.
  • Test new releases with an open mind rather than automatically sticking with your previous ball. Technology constantly improves.
  • Focus on how the ball performs for your swing type and club delivery rather than adopting someone else’s choice.
  • Let feel and confidence guide you in addition to the hard data. The right ball just feels better to play.

Let Zalatoris’ diligent evaluation and selection routine inspire your own informed golf ball testing and fitting process.

The Best Golf Balls for Average Players

While the Pro V1x satisfies the needs of tour stars like Will Zalatoris, average golfers with swing speeds below 90 MPH generate very different performance needs best met by golf balls designed specifically for higher handicappers.

Here are the top choices for average players shooting over 90:

  • Titleist TruFeel – Provides low spin, soft feel, and high flight from Titleist quality at a budget price.
  • Callaway Supersoft – The ultra-low compression core maximizes forgiving distance for slower swings. Extremely soft feel.
  • Srixon Soft Feel – Technologically advanced 2-piece construction for straighter shots along with a soft feel around the greens.
  • Bridgestone e6 Soft – Engineered for mid-high launch, low driver spin, and soft feel to benefit average swing speeds.
  • Noodle Easy Distance – Budget-priced ball with a super low compression core makes it extremely easy to compress. Adds distance for slower swing speeds.

While tour-level balls work for some, most average players get the right balance of performance and value from models made specifically for their needs. Don’t overbuy on ball technology until your swing improves.


Will Zalatoris trusts his world-class ball striking to the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball. He partnered with Titleist after meticulous testing to validate the Pro V1x’s quality, penetrating flight, soft feel, and responsive control matched his game.

While Zalatoris is committed, golfers should take time to properly analyze their game and experiment to find the right ball.

Average players, in particular, achieve better value and performance from balls engineered for moderate swing speeds under 90 mph versus expensive tour balls. Use Zalatoris’ diligent process for identifying your perfect golf ball match.

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