What is a Pro V1x Golf Ball?

The Titleist Pro V1x golf ball represents the firmer, faster sibling within the internationally famous Pro V1 franchise.

First introduced in 2011, the Pro V1x quickly earned adoption among elite amateur players and touring professionals seeking maximum distance from their premium golf ball.

But what makes the Pro V1x distinct from the standard Pro V1 model? By examining the Pro V1x’s specialized construction, target player attributes, and tour success, we can better appreciate this premier golf ball model.

What is a Pro V1x Golf Ball

Pro V1x Overview

The Pro V1x uses a proprietary multi-layer design focused on boosting ball speed and reducing spin:

  • High-Velocity ZG Process Dual Core engineered for increased ball speed through the bag.
  • A stiffer ionomer blend casing layer improves speed and lowers long-game spin.
  • Reformulated urethane elastomer cover promotes high greenside spin.
  • High coverage 352 tetrahedral dimple pattern reduces drag.

While sharing the exceptional Pro V1 heritage, minor construction nuances push distance and performance boundaries.

Pro V1x Construction and Materials

The 2022 Pro V1x utilizes these advanced materials in its 4-piece architecture:

  • Faster High-Flexion Cover – Thinner urethane cover increases ball speed on full shots.
  • ZG Process Dual Core – Maximum energy transfer from core design and chemistry.
  • High-density Casing Layer – Adds speed via expanded cellular structure.
  • Highly resilient inner mantle layer softens feel.

Titleist precision manufactures each layer’s materials and properties to tight objectives.

Key Attributes and Performance

The Pro V1x exhibits specialized performance traits:

  • A low long game spin from the driver through long irons – added distance.
  • High launch with irons – optimized for piercing distance.
  • Very fast initial ball speed – maximizes driver yardages.
  • Soft feel around the greens – precise short-game scoring.
  • Penetrating, consistent flight even in windy conditions.

Skilled players will unlock the Pro V1x’s impressive combination of speed and scoring.

Pro V1x Dual Core Technology

The unique dual-core design is the engine generating fast speed:

  • Large, high-velocity inner core – grows ball velocity at impact.
  • Active outer core – adds resiliency for incredible speed.
  • Thin, responsive mantle layer – further increases velocity.
  • High compression rating – maximizes energy transfer.

This advanced core construction unlocks superior ball speeds.

Pro V1x Target Player Profile

The Pro V1x suits these player attributes:

  • Aggressive, high clubhead speed (105+ mph drivers)
  • Downward angle of attack into the ball
  • Seeks maximum driver distance
  • A desire for penetrating trajectory and low spin
  • Strives for tour-level greenside control
  • Prefers a firmer overall feel at impact

The Pro V1x optimizes performance for powerful, skilled swing techniques.

Pro V1x Tour Usage and Success

The Pro V1x is trusted by dozens of top professionals:

  • Over 130 worldwide tour wins across all tours in 2022 with Pro V1x in play.
  • Eight of the last ten Major Championship winners used a Pro V1x.
  • About 25% of all PGA Tour players rely on Pro V1x for competitive play.

If it flourishes under major championship pressure, everyday players gain confidence as well.

Evolution of the Pro V1x

Titleist has iterated the Pro V1x technology across generations:

  • Originally introduced in 2011 as a low-spin distance complement to the soft feeling Pro V1.
  • Core and cover enhancements in 2014 to further boost ball speed.
  • Introduction of high flex casing layer in 2015 improved speed and feel.
  • Reformulated core chemistry in 2016 to increase velocity.
  • New dimple design in 2021 to sustain ball speed longer.
  • Continued advances to the core and cover in 2022 help maintain an edge.

Technology refinements allow the Pro V1x to stay ahead year after year.

titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x Differences

While sharing superb quality, the models tailor to different players:

Pro V1

  • Softer feel from lower compression core
  • Penetrating but slightly higher flight
  • Moderate spin rates suit most players
  • Promotes greenside control

Pro V1x

  • Fast speed from firmer high-compression core
  • Piercing, low trajectory
  • Minimizes spin-off driver for distance
  • Responsive feel from urethane cover

The Pro V1x prioritizes low spin distance, while the Pro V1 focuses on scoring and feel.

Fitting Guidance Between Models

Some general fitting tips on choosing between the two Pro V1 editions:

  • Analyze swing speed, launch, and spin to determine ideal compression and flight.
  • Faster swing speeds over 110 mph favor the Pro V1x for a lower spin.
  • Slower swing speeds under 100 mph benefit from Pro V1’s softer feel.
  • Get on-course testing of both models to judge preferences.
  • Consider Pro V1x for windy conditions needing penetrating flight.

Work directly with a certified Titleist club fitter to identify your optimal Pro V1 match using real data.

Why the Pro V1x Commands a Premium Price

The Pro V1x’s advanced construction and extensive R&D justify its premium pricing. Consider:

  • Consuming iterative testing is required to refine dual-core formulations.
  • Manufacturing complexity around casing layer quality standards.
  • Precise process control to deliver consistent speed and spin.
  • Quality control rigor to verify performance across all parameters.
  • Extensive monitoring of materials, equipment, and processes.
  • Tour player feedback driving continuous improvements.

Top-caliber innovation commands a premium cost. But the Pro V1x delivers.


With specialized distance technologies like its dual-core design, the Pro V1x pushes the boundaries of speed, low spin, distance, and feel versus the acclaimed Pro V1.

Skilled players can unlock the Pro V1x’s full potential. Constant innovation allows it to remain golf’s premier premium distance golf ball.

Get a properly fit for your game specifics and discover the performance magic within your ideal Pro V1x model.

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