What is the Best Bridgestone Golf Ball?

Bridgestone makes some of the most technologically advanced golf balls engineered for players across the performance spectrum.

But with so many excellent models produced by Bridgestone, how do you determine the right golf ball match for your individual game?

Here is an overview of how Bridgestone’s ball lines cater to different swing profiles along with recommendations for identifying the best Bridgestone golf ball for your needs.

What is the Best Bridgestone Golf Ball?

Bridgestone’s Golf Ball Lineup

Bridgestone Golf produces several highly rated golf ball product lines engineered for golfers with different swing speeds, spin rates, and style preferences:

  • TOUR B Golf Balls – Their premium 3-piece and 4-piece tour-level balls promise maximum distance, feel, and control for strong swing speeds.
  • E6 Golf Balls – A popular line utilizing surlyn covers and dual-core construction to deliver straight-distance shots off the tee for moderate swing speeds.
  • E12 Golf Balls – Highly soft compression, surlyn cover balls designed to add distance through low spin and high launch for slower swing speeds.
  • RX/RXS Golf Balls – Specialty balls engineered specifically to reduce slicing spin and maximize distance through aerodynamics.
  • e6 SOFT Golf Balls – New editions focused on a very soft feel through a reformulated ionomer cover and multi-layer core.
  • e12 SOFT Golf Balls – The softest compression at 40 for players with slower swing speeds below 85 mph seeking effortless distance.
  • B-Series – Quality surlyn golf balls offering affordable performance for average players.

Bridgestone TOUR B Golf Balls

The Bridgestone TOUR B line represents the pinnacle of golf ball engineering and innovation from Bridgestone.

As a premium tour caliber line, the TOUR B balls are played by PGA Tour professionals like Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, and Lexi Thompson.

The advanced multi-layer constructions deliver total performance from tee to green for golfers with higher swing speeds of over 105 mph.

TOUR B balls incorporate a urethane SlipRes cover that provides unmatched greenside control and buttery soft feel around the green.

The 3-piece and 4-piece internal designs act to not only deliver explosive distance off the driver but also reduce side spin for accuracy.

Low spin on iron shots keeps the TOUR B penetrating through the wind. The urethane covers also supply stopping bite on wedge shots.

For elite-level players seeking a tour-caliber golf ball that unpacks every yard from their swing speed, the Bridgestone TOUR B line is an excellent place to start when searching for the best Bridgestone golf ball. Models include the TOUR B RX, RXS, X, XS, and more.

the Best Bridgestone Golf Ball?

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball line exemplifies Bridgestone’s expertise in multi-layer ball construction to produce straight and true distance for average swing speeds.

The E6 promotes a low spin, high launch straight flight to remove sideways spin and minimize dispersion. A dual dimple pattern with larger dimples on the outer layer reduces aerodynamic drag.

The dual-core is effective for players with moderate swing speeds from 85 to 105 mph. The surlyn ionomer cover is more durable than urethane and produces good greenside friction.

Golfers requiring distance with accuracy sans excessive spin will find the E6, E6 Soft, or E6 Speed optimal. The E6 Lady model provides an excellent ladies’ golf ball.

Bridgestone E12 Golf Balls

At the other end of the performance spectrum, the Bridgestone E12 golf ball and E12 SOFT models exemplify extremely low-compression multi-layer ball engineering.

With a compression rating under 50, the E12 and E12 Soft provide effortless velocity and distance for golfers with relatively slow swing speeds (under 85 mph).

The 3-piece surlyn cover construction is designed to launch high with low spin off the driver. An “Active Acceleration Mantle” provides explosive power transfer to the core.

While distance-focused, soft feel is a priority as well with the E12 line. Seniors, women, and others with moderate swing speeds get excellent performance from the E12 or E12 Soft.

Bridgestone RX and RXS Golf Balls

For those players who fight a continual and destructive slice off the tee, Bridgestone’s RX and RXS golf balls present an intriguing option.

The RX and RXS models utilize core formulations and added layers engineered specifically to reduce side spin and correct slicing issues.

The secret is the “SlipRes Cover Technology” which limits friction and grip on the clubface to optimize energy transfer and launch angle at impact.

The gradational core design further straightens ball flight by minimizing side spin action.

While the RX and RXS don’t fully cure a poor swing path, they effectively counteract excessive slicing spin to keep shots straighter.

The feel and control are not compromised either. For slicers, the RX and RXS warrant consideration as the best Bridgestone golf ball solution.

Best Golf Ball from Bridgestone

Bridgestone E6 SOFT and E12 SOFT Golf Balls

Bridgestone also produces the E6 SOFT and E12 SOFT golf ball models with a core focus on maximizing a very soft feel and responsive feedback.

This makes both balls excellent for players demanding premium greenside control and precision along with distance capabilities.

The E6 SOFT uses a 3-piece construction with a new cover formulation to supply a noticeably softer feel around the greens on pitch, chip, and lob shots.

Yet the Active Acceleration inner and outer core powers long drives. Likewise, the E12 SOFT has extremely low 40 compression for high launch with a soft feel thanks to the soft Surlyn cover.

Both the E6 Soft and E12 SOFT warrant consideration as some of Bridgestone’s best-feeling golf balls.

How to Choose the Right Bridgestone Golf Ball Model for You

When deciding among the wide range of excellent Bridgestone golf balls to determine the right model for your game, consider these key factors:

  • Swing speed – Faster above 105 mph fits TOUR B balls best; moderate speed suits E6 lines; slower swingers need E12 series.
  • Spin reduction importance – Slice fighting E6 or RX/RXS minimize sideways spin.
  • Soft feel emphasis – E12, E12 SOFT, and E6 SOFT promote a very soft feel.
  • Durability needs – Surlyn lasts longer than soft urethane covers on TOUR B.
  • Skill level – Tour caliber TOUR B line suits lower handicaps while E Series fits average players.
  • Budget and cost – E-line prices are lower than premium TOUR B balls.

Testing different Bridgestone ball models on a professional launch monitor and of course lets you see the performance versus your specific swing.

A certified club fitter can also recommend the ideal Bridgestone construction after analyzing your game. There is likely an optimal match within Bridgestone’s extensive technology to improve your results.

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