Is the Kirkland Golf Ball Good?

As Costco’s exclusive house brand, Kirkland golf balls offer big savings over name brands for bulk purchase shoppers.

But are the performance and durability of these ultra-budget balls any good for average golfers? Here is an overview of what recreational players can expect from Kirkland.

is kirkland golf balls good

Kirkland Brand Overview

Kirkland Signature serves as retail giant Costco’s distinctive in-house brand applied to a range of household items and consumer products sold exclusively in their warehouses.

Kirkland offers generic alternatives like supplements, clothing, luggage, and golf balls at heavily discounted prices.

Budget Pricing on Golf Balls

The key appeal of Kirkland golf balls is the extremely low cost, with a two dozen pack priced at only around $15.

This compares to premium balls costing $40 to $50 per dozen. Even other budget balls fail to match Kirkland’s bulk pricing. Big savings drive brand appeal.

2-Piece Surlyn Construction

Kirkland golf balls feature a basic 2-piece construction with a solid high-energy core formulation and durable ionomer blend cover.

This straightforward design focuses on maximum distance for average recreational players rather than tour performance.

Straighter Flight Claims

Through dimple pattern engineering, Kirkland claims to reduce hooks and slices versus other cheap balls, producing straighter ball flights from center and mishits.

While unproven, the simple 424 dimple pattern does provide adequate lift.

Unremarkable Short Game Feel

Given the hard surlyn cover, Kirkland balls should not be expected to offer premium greenside spin or satisfying soft feel around greens and on-pitch shots requiring finesse. Only harder ionomer blends are utilized shunning softer materials.

Durability Concerns

While budget golf balls last longer for infrequent recreational players, some reviewers report Kirkland covers cracking after a few holes and complain the thin surlyn wears quicker than other brands’ value balls. More avid players note less longevity.

Minimal High or Low Launch Options

Kirkland produces only a standard model not tailored variations promoting high/low flight for custom trajectory preferences.

One construction fits all players looking to save on costs over performance. Customization is absent from their value ethos.

kirkland golf balls

Unclear If Any Tour Players Use Kirkland

No sponsored tour professionals currently play Kirkland balls even in unofficial pro-am events.

Brands lacking tour exposure rarely break into competitive amateur use either.

However, the recreational Kirkland golfer cares less about tour cosigns.

Very Limited Retail Availability

Given Costco’s warehouse distribution model focused on bulk sales, Kirkland golf balls have minimal availability in traditional retail golf outlets.

Only Costco provides inventory often unavailable elsewhere locally. Access challenges gas station replenishment.

Best Suited to High Handicappers Infrequently Playing

Overall Kirkland golf balls best serve very high handicap amateurs who play sporadically.

The budget pricing matches the usage occasion. But constant supply access poses challenges for frequent players.

Performance works best for newcomers rather than seasoned veterans.

Hard to Beat Kirkland’s Value at Costco

For members willing to buy bulk at Costco, the per-ball cost value of Kirkland can’t be beaten.

Maximizing savings on a consumable product offsets any relative performance compromises for many. Lower expectations align with lower pricing.

In summary, while cutting every possible corner, Kirkland golf balls offer acceptable recreational quality given their ultra-low warehouse pricing in giant bulk packs.

When purchased with realistic expectations, Kirkland delivers sufficient performance for the most casual recreational players not expecting a tour response.

Sample their value yourself when stocking up at Costco.

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