What Does Titleist Give For a Hole-in-One?

Scoring a hole-in-one is the thrill of a lifetime for any golfer. As the #1 ball in golf, Titleist enjoys a special connection with players who achieve this feat using a Titleist golf ball.

Here is an overview of the commemorative package Titleist provides golfers to celebrate sinking an ace with one of their golf balls.

What Does Titleist Give For a Hole-in-One

Titleist Hole-in-One Packages Overview

For nearly 50 years, Titleist has maintained a tradition of sending congratulatory packages to golfers who score a hole-in-one or double eagle while playing one of their golf balls. The complimentary package contains:

  • Commemorative Titleist Hole-in-One dozen golf balls with the date and score printed
  • Custom Hole-in-One certificate with name and details
  • Hole-in-One lapel pin to wear celebrating the achievement
  • Titleist valuables pouch

Titleist proudly shares in the accomplishment by providing lasting mementos for the golfer to cherish.

Qualifying for the Package

To receive the complimentary Titleist Hole-in-One package, the achievement must occur during an official round using a Titleist golf ball and be properly reported and verified through Titleist’s website.

Any Titleist ball model including Pro V1, Pro V1x, Tour Speed, Velocity, DT TruSoft, and others qualifies when used for the ace or double eagle.

Reporting the Hole-in-One to Titleist

In order to claim the commemorative package, Titleist requires reporting the hole-in-one within 30 days of it occurring.

An online submission form at Titleist.com collects key details including date, golf course, hole, yardage, ball used, and verification signatures from club officials or witnesses.

Timely reporting is key, as Titleist relies entirely on golfers submitting their achievements directly in order to honor each hole-in-one.

Verification Process

Titleist has a process to verify each hole-in-one achievement reported:

  • Confirmation that a Titleist ball was in play. The model is not critical.
  • Foursome partner or other witness signatures validate the scorer’s account.
  • Course official signatures further authenticate the details.
  • Yardage and scorecard round data must align with the circumstances.
  • Submissions must be completed within 30 days of the ace or double eagle.

This helps Titleist confirm each package is provided to qualified players for their extraordinary shot.

 Titleist Give For a Hole-in-One

Commemorative Keepsake Balls

The cornerstone of the hole-in-one package are the engraved commemorative Pro V1 balls displaying the date along with “Hole in One” or “Double Eagle”. For a rare lifetime achievement in golf, these serve as a lasting memento.

Certificate Details Achievement

Along with the commemorative balls is a custom certificate prepared for the scoring golfer stating their name and specific details of the round like date, hole, yardage, and course. Having tangible documentation provides a source of pride.

Wearing the Lapel Pin

The metal Titleist lapel pin in the package depicts an image of a golfer raising a putter celebrating a hole-in-one. Recipients can proudly wear this pin on a golf bag or to golf events to display their membership in the hole-in-one club.

Titleist Valuables Pouch

Finally, to hold small golf accessories and valuables, the package includes a quality Titleist valuables pouch. Sophisticated black material with metal zipper bears the Titleist script branding.

Brand Loyalty Connection

By sending a memento package, Titleist fosters a loyalty bond with golfers scoring once-in-a-lifetime shots using their golf balls.

Commemorating the pinnacle achievement in golf with Titleist Pro V1 balls and memorabilia understandably endears the brand to players.

No Cost Except Shipping

Aside from minimal shipping cost, the entire hole-in-one package is complimentary to the scoring golfer.

Titleist does not monetize these special moments. Spreading joy earns brand affinity with no strings attached.

In summary, Titleist proudly commemorates remarkable feats like holes-in-one by gifting celebratory packages to fortunate golfers who score an ace or double eagle using a Titleist ball.

The treasured keepsakes inside preserve lifelong memories while earning player gratitude.

Commemorating once-in-a-lifetime shots shows Titleist cares about the history made with each Pro V1.

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