Is the Titleist AVX Better Than the Pro V1?

The Titleist AVX golf ball occupies an intriguing position within the brand’s premium lineup. Engineered to blend distance and high launch with a soft feel, the AVX competes with Titleist’s legendary Pro V1 franchise as an alternative for skilled players.

But with the Pro V1 remaining golf’s perennial gold standard, does the AVX truly exceed its performance?

By examining their constructions, launch and spin characteristics, and target player attributes, we can effectively compare the AVX to the Pro V1.

 Is the Titleist AVX Better Than the Pro V1

Titleist AVX Overview

Here’s a brief overview of the technology behind the AVX:

  • Multi-component, high energy core designed for low spin and high launch off the driver.
  • GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover promotes a soft feel around the greens and excellent control.
  • High-flight technology throughout the design generates penetrating trajectories with irons.
  • CushinX foam mid-layer dampens vibration while enhancing the feel.

AVX construction aims to blend distance and height with softer feel.

Titleist Pro V1 Overview

The legendary Pro V1 utilizes:

  • Reformulated multi-component core boosting speed and low spin from the driver through long irons.
  • High flex ionomer casing layer provides speed-enhancing elasticity and feel.
  • New injection molding process enables extremely soft urethane cover for greenside control.
  • Spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design reduces drag for sustained distance.

Pinnacle performance and quality remain Pro V1’s hallmarks.

Titleist AVX Construction and Materials

The AVX intertwines distinct materials:

  • High-speed, low-compression core comprised of proprietary formulation to maximize energy transfer.
  • GRN41 thermoset urethane cover engineered specifically for the AVX to promote a soft feel while maintaining abrasion resistance.
  • High-density foam mid-layer cushions feel at impact while allowing energy to transfer through the ball.
  • High-flexion ionomer casing layer surrounds the core, optimizing speed.

Meticulous construction aims to make AVX Titleist’s longest soft-feeling tour ball.

How the AVX Generates Speed and Height

Two key technologies produce the AVX’s specialized launch conditions:

High Energy Core – Very low compression core activates explosive speed even on off-center strikes. Extremely lively and soft feel.

High Flex Casing Layer – Unique chemical formulation provides the casing with heightened elasticity. This extra flex increases ball velocity and launch.

Together, these technologies enable fast speed with an elevated mid-high launch profile.

AVX Target Player Profile

The AVX caters to players seeking:

  • Extra distance from high launch off the tee
  • Penetrating mid-iron flight without ballooning or excessive height
  • Plush, responsive feel on pitch shots and partial wedges
  • Soft sound and feel at impact with putter
  • Maximum greenside spin and control

Well-matched to moderate clubhead speeds (less than 110 mph) desiring distance without sacrificing touch.

AVX Ball Flight and Performance

The AVX flight stands out through controlled height and distance:

  • High launch off the driver maximizes carry distance for moderate swing speeds. Reduced curvature.

-Strong mid-iron shots fly high but resist ballooning or excessive height for added stopping power.

  • Easy launch out of the rough with precise height for hitting greens.
  • Piercing, consistent trajectory even in windy conditions.

Specialized construction promotes penetrating flight with irons.

Titleist AVX Better Than Pro V1

How AVX Compares to Pro V1

While both are outstanding, differences give each model unique profiles:


  • High launch off all clubs
  • Mid-flight overall, not overly high
  • Very soft feel around the greens
  • Low compression core

Pro V1

  • Penetrating, low-mid launch
  • Tour trajectory, not extreme height
  • Crisp, firm urethane feel
  • Firmer high-compression core

Comes down to desired feel and launch profile.

Which Provides More Greenside Spin?

With urethane covers, both generate substantial spin from wedges:

  • Pro V1 cover formulation tweaked for decades to optimize spin.
  • AVX spin profile matches Pro V1 well with full wedge shots.
  • On partial wedges, AVX’s softer cover provides a slight edge.

For most players, both deliver excellent greenside spin control.

Ideal Player Profiles

Preferences boil down to swing and game attributes:

AVX Strong Suit

  • Moderate swing speeds
  • High ball flight desired
  • Release issues, low spin player
  • Values extremely soft feel

Pro V1 Strong Suit

  • High clubhead speed player
  • Prefers low-piercing flight
  • Wants maximum greenside spin
  • Seeks firm, responsive feel

Get properly fit to analyze your full range of ball statistics.

Which Lasts Longer?

The Pro V1 and AVX utilize the same cast urethane cover formulation, resulting in similar durability:

  • Both exceed industry averages for cut and scuff resistance.
  • Pro V1’s multi-year iterative design refinement provides tested longevity.
  • Slight edge to Pro V1 for resisting sheering on mis-hits based on tour player feedback.

Expect minimal practical differences in playable life between models.

Which is Better in the Wind?

Here the Pro V1 has some advantages:

  • Lower trajectory helps reduce wind ballooning the Pro V1 up in the air.
  • Multi-layer construction keeps Pro V1 steadier when flying through gusts.
  • Pro V1 dimple pattern sustains flight in wind better than AVX.

The Pro V1’s standard tour ball flight handles windy conditions most effectively.

Pricing Comparison

Both Pro V1 models demand premium pricing reflecting advanced R&D and manufacturing:

  • Pro V1 and Pro V1x: $48-50 per dozen
  • AVX: $44-47 per dozen

Given the high-end construction, the AVX is priced on par with expectations.


The Titleist AVX and Pro V1 represent two excellent urethane-covered tour ball options. The AVX favors moderate swing speed players wanting a softer feel, high launch, and piercing mid-iron flight.

The Pro V1 better suits high-speed players prioritizing low ball flight, maximum greenside spin, and firmer feel. The AVX competes as Titleist’s premium distance ball rather than directly displacing the legendary Pro V1.

For average amateur players needing distance without sacrificing greenside scoring ability, the AVX warrants strong consideration.

Get properly fit and try both models to determine if the AVX indeed exceeds the Pro V1’s performance for your game specifically.

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