Do Any Pros Use the Titleist AVX Golf Ball?

The Titleist AVX is a premium performance golf ball that was introduced in 2018 as a low-spinning, high-launching distance ball alternative to the venerable Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x models.

While the Pro V1 family is trusted by over 50% of golf professionals, there are some elite PGA Tour players opting to game the newer AVX model.

In this article, we’ll take a look at tour players who have put the Titleist AVX into play and discuss how the ball’s characteristics like lower spin, high launch, and soft feel can theoretically maximize distance for certain players.

Do Any Pros Use the Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Understand AVX Golf Ball Technology

Before examining specific players using the AVX, let’s briefly review the technology behind this uniquely constructed premium golf ball:

  • 4-piece multi-layer design with dual core for high speed and low spin
  • A proprietary high-flex casing layer promotes a high launch and low spin off the driver
  • Longer distance from core formulation, casing layer, and aerodynamic 352 tetrahedral dimple design
  • Softer feel from the soft cast urethane elastomer cover formulation
  • Drop-and-stop control into the green from the urethane cover and lower compression
  • Penetrating, sustained flight from high launch, low spin combo in a long game
  • Caters to moderate swing speeds from 100-105 mph to maximize distance

The AVX is ideally suited for golfers whose optimal launch conditions include mid-high launch with low driver spin rates. Next, let’s see which tour players are using the ball.

Gary Woodland

One of the earliest adopters of the Titleist AVX was former U.S. Open champion Gary Woodland. He notably put the new AVX model into play at the 2018 Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii.

Based on the AVX’s design and technology, it can be theorized that Woodland chose the ball to achieve higher launch and lower spin off the tee to increase his already prodigious driving distance. But Woodland himself has not directly stated why he decided to use the AVX ball.

Charley Hoffman

Shortly after Gary Woodland, fellow tour pro Charley Hoffman also decided to test the new Titleist AVX golf ball at the 2018 Genesis Open.

Again, while Hoffman has not explicitly said so, the AVX’s high launch, and low spin characteristics lead to the reasonable conclusion that Hoffman wanted to gain more distance off the tee while maintaining scoring control. But his exact reasoning is unverified.

Benefits of AVX for Moderate Swing Speeds

A key benefit of the Titleist AVX ball is that its low-compression core formulation in theory maximizes distance for players with swing speeds in the moderate range of 100-105 mph.

The lower overall compression helps these players fully compress the ball, leading to faster ball speeds.

Combine that with high launch and low spin from the casing layer, and moderate swing speed players could potentially gain 8-12 yards off the driver. However, individual results will vary.

 Pros Using the Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Usage Still Lower Than Pro V1 Models

Despite some adoption among high-profile PGA Tour players like Woodland and Hoffman, usage numbers still show the vast majority of professionals sticking with the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x models.

This may be attributable to the Pro V1 franchise’s longstanding reputation for unmatched all-around performance. But without direct player testimony, their exact rationale is uncertain.


In summary, while some tour players like Gary Woodland and Charley Hoffman have been documented using the Titleist AVX ball, their direct reasoning has not been verified beyond speculation based on the ball’s technical design.

The AVX does appear well-suited for moderate swing speed players seeking high launch and low spin to increase driver distance based on its construction.

But real-world results will depend on individual swing characteristics and proper fitting. Ultimately, every golfer should test a range of ball models to determine which optimizes their game, rather than base selections solely on tour usage trends and marketing claims.

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