What Ball Does Brooks Koepka Use?

As one of the leading golfers in the world, ranking consistently inside the top 10, Brooks Koepka’s equipment choices in every category receive very close scrutiny from fans, equipment junkies, and fellow professional competitors.

He relies exclusively on Srixon for his golf ball needs. Specifically, Koepka plays the premium four-piece Srixon Z-Star XV model to fully optimize the distances he’s able to generate from his compact yet powerful golf swing.

What Ball Does Brooks Koepka Use

The Origins of Koepka’s Long-Term Partnership with Srixon

Brooks Koepka originally signed a sponsorship deal to play Srixon golf equipment including clubs, balls, and accessories when he first turned professional back in 2012 after a stellar college career.

Koepka immediately put the company’s latest tour-level Z-Star series golf balls in play and has never changed models or even considered changing brands since.

That steadfast loyalty and trust in Srixon golf ball performance over the past decade has resulted in 4 major championship victories along with 18 professional titles overall and counting.

Srixon’s commitment to continuous golf ball innovation, upholding uncompromising quality control standards, and providing tour player services and support all keep Koepka completely committed to being a featured Srixon staff player for the long term.

He actively provides input into new Srixon prototype golf ball designs during extensive research and development testing phases.

Koepka also validates through on-course testing that next-generation Z-Star golf balls deliver measurable performance improvements rather than just marketing hype.

Simply put, Koepka trusts Srixon golf balls implicitly above any financially lucrative offers to switch equipment allegiances.

Why Brooks Koepka Chooses the Srixon Z-Star XV Model

Specifically, Brooks Koepka relies upon the exceptional four-piece Srixon Z-Star XV tour-level golf ball.

This delivers the optimum blend of explosive ball speed off the driver for a maximum distance along with enhanced greenside feel, control, and spin for precision scoring with his lethal short irons and deft wedges.

The Z-Star XV’s unique energetic gradient growth core formulation, spin skin coating on the outer layer, and highly engineered 338 Speed dimple pattern together match Koepka’s commanding yet compact golf swing and smooth tempo perfectly:

  • Energetic Gradient Growth Core – The gradient core optimizes energy transfer into producing consistently fast ball speeds suited ideally to Koepka’s clubhead speeds that routinely exceed 120+ mph with the driver. This enables massive distances.
  • Spin Skin Coating – The proprietary urethane coating adds just the right amount of friction to promote shot-shaping ability and the enhanced greenside spin control required to attack pins with aggressive shotmaking. The spin skin specifically helps Koepka’s piercing mid-to-long iron shots hold the green for superb stopping power rather than releasing over the edges.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern – The aerodynamic dimple design reduces drag and maintains high velocity longer through the air for maximum possible distances off the tee. Their straight flight minimizes Kokpka’s side-to-side dispersion for greater accuracy.
  • Firmer Feel Preference – Koepka prefers the firmer feel the Z-Star XV delivers primarily because it promotes less unwanted sidespin and lower ball flight. This keeps tee shots flying far and straight. Koepka remains one of the PGA Tour’s very straightest drivers.
Brooks Koepka golf ball

Koepka’s Direct Input Helps Shape Srixon Z-Star XV Design and Innovation

As one of Srixon’s highest profile and most accomplished tour staffers, Srixon master golf ball engineers, and product developers work very closely with Brooks Koepka year-round.

They gather his direct tour player feedback during extensive prototype testing that influences Z-Star XV design iterations from one generation to the next.

Koepka actively engages in vigorously play testing next-generation Srixon golf ball prototypes out on the course as well as utilizing monitor and launch data.

He provides his perspective on how subtle alterations to covers, dimple patterns, core constructions, and layer formulations ultimately impact real-world performance criteria.

Like driver and iron spin rates, launch angles, velocity, feel around the greens, and workability.

Koepka’s insights and suggestions derived from his world-class talents directly help Srixon refine and dial in optimal golf ball designs that meet the most stringent tour performance standards.

Trusted Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls Since Day One as a Professional

Koepka’s unwavering trust in the performance of Srixon Z-Star golf balls stems from years of first-hand game-changing performance validation during tournament play.

He has relied exclusively on Srixon golf balls in competition without interruption since the very outset of his professional career following college, including capturing all four of his major championship titles – the 2017 and 2018 U.S. Opens along with the 2018 and 2019 PGA Championships.

That proven track record under the highest pressure gives Koepka full confidence that Srixon Z-Star golf balls will deliver optimum distance and accuracy when he needs it most to contend deep into Sunday afternoons at premier events.

Even after a decade working together, as Koepka enters his prime competitive years in his late 20’s, his fruitful partnership and future with Srixon Golf remains as strong as ever.

Koepka as a Strong Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for Srixon

In addition to prominently playing Srixon Z-Star golf balls week in and week out on the world’s biggest stages, Brooks Koepka also proudly endorses and promotes them in advertising campaigns as a featured Srixon brand ambassador.

He fully understands that prominently displaying the Srixon logo on his hat, golf bag, and clothing and actively talking up Srixon golf ball performance in interviews helps drive brand awareness, adoption rates, and sales.

Koepka also willingly provides expert consulting input to help average everyday golfers select the ideal Srixon golf ball model from their complete product line that best matches those players’ individual swing speed, launch conditions, and preference for feel via Srixon’s online ball fitting experience called FitOn.

Understanding that simply matching the proper golf ball construction and materials to a golfer’s game can greatly maximize on-course performance and lower scores, Koepka places high value in assisting Srixon with ball education initiatives.

In summary, Brooks Koepka’s steadfast trust in and unwavering loyalty to Srixon Z-Star golf balls has persisted throughout his entire professional career since the very start.

The impressive shared success Koepka has achieved utilizing Srixon equipment on professional golf’s biggest stages offers absolute proof that the partnership just simply works at the very highest levels of competitive golf.

Expect Koepka’s strong alignment and allegiance to the Srixon ball brand to only continue going forward over the many years of competition still to come.

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