Is the Srixon Q-Star a Good Golf Ball?

The Srixon Q-Star golf ball occupies an interesting spot within the brand’s extensive lineup.

As a 3-piece urethane-covered tour-level ball priced at $30 per dozen, the Q-Star competes directly with premium models from Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

But can the Q-Star truly match the performance of higher-priced competitors? By examining the Q-Star’s construction, spin characteristics, durability, and target player attributes, we can determine if this Srixon model is a good option for your game.

Is the Srixon Q-Star a Good Golf Ball

Srixon Q-Star Overview

The Srixon Q-Star ball combines a soft feel with high greenside spin using these technologies:

  • Energetic Gradient Growth core optimizes launch and speed.
  • 344 Speed Dimple pattern reduces drag and sustains velocity.
  • Spin Skin coating grabs wedges for added control.
  • Soft, thin 0.6 mm urethane cover promotes feel.

Well suited for moderate to high swing speed players wanting responsiveness.

Q-Star Construction and Materials

The 3-piece Q-Star exhibits quality construction:

  • Energetic Gradient Growth (E.G.G.) dual core responds properly at high and low compressions.
  • The inner mantle layer fine-tunes energy transfer to the outer layers.
  • Spin Skin coating generates friction for spin on partial wedges.
  • Ultra-thin urethane cover provides short game control and an excellent feel.

Srixon precision manufactures every component to strict specifications.

How the Q-Star Generates Spin

Two key technologies work together to produce outstanding greenside spin:

Spin Skin Coating

  • Proprietary slippery coating on the mantle layer right beneath the cover.
  • Adds friction to grip grooves on wedge shots.
  • Provides excellent spin on chips, pitches, and partial wedge shots.

Urethane Cover

  • The soft, thin urethane cover layer grabs into wedge grooves well.
  • Urethane inherently produces more friction and bite than other covers like Surlyn.
  • Promotes maximum backspin and stopping ability.

This dual construction maximizes scoring shot spin.

Q-Star Ball Flight Characteristics

The Srixon Q-Star flight performs ideally for better amateur players:

  • A penetrating trajectory that maintains peak height through the air.
  • Enhanced lift and carry distance from irons while preventing ballooning.
  • Flies lower than two-piece distance balls but not too low with irons.
  • 344 dimple pattern sustains velocity for added yards.

The Q-Star flight suits moderate swing speeds who play for scoring, not just distance.

Q-Star Target Player Profile

Here are the players ideally matched for the Srixon Q-Star:

  • Moderate swing speed golfers (85-105 mph)
  • Players wanting soft feel in addition to quality performance
  • Golfers looking to produce maximum shot height and hold greens
  • Better players and low handicappers needing spin and touch
  • Players wanting tour-level quality at a value price point

The Q-Star most benefits aspiring bogey-golfers rather than high handicappers.

Srixon Q-Star Good Golf Ball

Does the Q-Star Match Pro V1 Quality?

While a tier below the legendary Pro V1, the Q-Star delivers impressive quality:


  • Urethane cover lasts as long or longer than other brands’ 3-piece balls.
  • Principally designed for scoring, not max distance off the tee. Retains performance much longer.


  • Tight production tolerances at Srixon’s Japanese factories ensure uniformity.
  • Stringent quality control results in extremely consistent feel, speed, and spin.


  • No compromising on urethane cover material quality to hit the price point.
  • High-grade core and mantle materials match tour levels.

The Q-Star punches well above its $30 price tag in quality.

Q-Star Value Proposition

The Q-Star presents an exceptional value in its category:

Compared to Other Tour Balls

  • At $30/dozen, costs around 25% less than Pro V1, TP5, and Chrome Soft.
  • Delivers around 90% of the tour ball performance at 75% of the price.

Compared to Other Distance Balls

  • Q-Star costs only $5-10 more than basic Surlyn balls.
  • Significant step up in feel, spin, and flight from budget ionomer balls.

Dollar-for-dollar, the Q-Star rate provides a smart middle-ground choice.

When the Q-Star Excels

Situations where the Q-Star truly outperforms competitors:

  • Producing maximum spin and stopping power on approach iron shots.
  • Maintaining high launch and ball flight even into the wind.
  • Generating wedge spin from the rough and on less than full shots.
  • Providing a soft feel and feedback across all shots.
  • Durability and longevity through rounds – retains pop way longer.

For better players, Q-Star is an excellent scoring and feel performer.

Potential Drawbacks of the Q-Star

Like any ball, the Q-Star also has a few potential limitations:

  • Not the absolute lowest spinning ball off the driver. Won’t produce extraordinary distance.
  • Urethane cover isn’t as pure feeling as the high-end tour balls.
  • Lacks brand recognition and tour validation of Pro V1 or Chrome Soft.
  • Resists excessive hook and slice spin rather than promoting draw or fade workability.

But optimized aerodynamics and urethane cover prevent major deficiencies.


The Srixon Q-Star golf ball delivers a compelling blend of tour-caliber performance, soft feel, and value pricing.

Better amateur players and aspiring low handicappers will find outstanding scoring ability and control.

While a notch below the ultra-premium balls in absolute feel and driver distance, the Q-Star’s quality, flight, and excellent durability make it a hidden gem.

Give the Q-Star a try if you desire tour-level greenside spin, a soft feel, and a piercing trajectory without soaring prices.

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