What Golf Ball Does Jordan Spieth Use?

Jordan Spieth is one of the biggest stars in professional golf having won 3 Major championships by age 24.

As an elite tour pro with millions in annual earnings, Spieth’s equipment choices receive heavy scrutiny. Here is an in-depth look at the golf ball Jordan Spieth relies on.

What Golf Ball Does Jordan Spieth Use

Spieth Plays the Titleist Pro V1x

Jordan Spieth’s golf ball of choice is the Titleist Pro V1x model. He has used the multi-layer urethane-covered Pro V1x ball for essentially his entire professional career after signing with Titleist in 2013.

Pro V1x Optimized for Driver Distance

The firmer Pro V1x construction reduces long-game spin to maximize driver distance. This suits Spieth’s high clubhead speeds. Lower spin off the tee optimizes his power.

Consistent Performance

Titleist’s rigorous manufacturing quality controls ensure each dozen of Pro V1x balls performs uniformly. Spieth relies on a consistent flight, feel, and distance.

Greenside Control

The urethane cover allows Spieth to maximize greenside spin and precision. He exploits a soft feel for scoring.

Titleist Brand Loyalty

As a Titleist staffer since his teenage years, Spieth maintains strong brand loyalty. He willingly endorses their full lineup from drivers to putters to golf balls.

Ball Fitting Dialed In His Pro V1x

Through advanced ball fitting analysis with Titleist, Spieth precisely matched Pro V1x construction to his swing. He fine-tunes models to optimize performance.

Inside Jordan Spieth’s Bag

Here is a summary of Spieth’s other equipment besides his Titleist Pro V1x golf ball:

  • Driver: Titleist TSi3
  • Fairway: Titleist TSi2
  • Irons: Titleist 718 CB/MB
  • Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM8
  • Putter: Scotty Cameron 009M Flowback
  • Bag: Titleist StaDry Tour

Spieth’s Impressive Record

At just 29 years old, Jordan Spieth’s golf resume is world-class:

  • 3 Major Wins (2015 Masters, 2015 US Open, 2017 Open Championship)
  • 2017 FedEx Cup Champion
  • 2015 PGA Tour Player of the Year
  • 27 Professional Wins
  • #1 World Ranking

Why Pro V1x Suits Jordan Spieth’s Game

For elite players like Spieth, the Pro V1x checks every performance box:

  • Low driver spin maximizes distance off the tee for aggressive swing speeds.
  • Penetrating flight is ideal for his high but lower-trajectory ball flight preferences.
  • The exceptionally soft feel around the greens provides scoring control.
  • Urethane cover generates ideal wedge spin rates.
  • Durable under heavy usage practicing and playing frequently.
  • High-quality manufacturing ensures reliable consistency.
  • Provides complete confidence to execute any conceivable shot.

Testing Various Pro V1x Constructions

During his early career, Jordan tested numerous Pro V1x iterations to understand differences in flight, feel and spin across a range of constructions and covers.

Through extensive analysis aided by Titleist ball engineers, Spieth matched his optimal Pro V1x combination. This unlocks full performance potential.

Fine-Tuning Over Time

As Spieth’s skills progressed, he learned to shape shots in ways requiring Pro V1x adjustments. He modifies his model strategically knowing his bag.

Years of learning nuances between models allow precise fine-tuning today to meet evolving needs.

Jordan Spieth Golf Ball

Premium Balls Complement World-Class Iron Play

Arguably Spieth’s biggest strength is his iron and wedge ball striking precision. He routinely hits shots to gimme range.

A tour-caliber ball optimizing greenside spin, feel, and control best utilizes his talents to score.

Considering Different Models

Early in his career, Jordan analyzed his launch monitor metrics alongside Titleist fitters to determine if Tour Balls, Pro V1, or Pro V1x objectively matched his game best.

The numbers and performance affirmed Pro V1x as his optimal match. He has never second-guessed or switched models since.

Speth Provides Product Feedback to Titleist

As a Titleist staffer, Jordan Spieth directly works with their ball research team to test and provide feedback on experimental prototypes.

His insights on new materials, core formulations, dimple patterns, and cover blends assist in optimizing the Pro V1 line.

He Trusts the Pro V1x Unequivocally

After a decade of working in partnership together, Jordan Spieth unequivocally trusts Titleist Pro V1x golf balls implicitly.

He knows precisely how Pro V1x balls will perform on any course in any conditions. Confidence stems from experience.

Winning 3 Majors with Pro V1x

The 2015 Masters, 2015 US Open, and 2017 Open Championship major victories highlight Spieth’s successes with Pro V1x.

He implicitly trusts Pro V1x capabilities under Major pressure. Ball performance plays a key role in handling stress.

Ideal Ball For Greenville, Texas Country Club Roots

Local Dallas-area courses like Brook Hollow and Greenville Country Club where Spieth grew up feature Bermuda greens.

Pro V1x’s soft urethane cover and high spin suit sticking approach shots on Bermuda grass for Texas golf.

Importance of Finding Your Own Match

While Spieth benefits from Pro V1x, each golfer should find their personal ideal golf ball aligned to swing speeds.

Precise ball fittings objectively identify optimal construction, compression, and spin match.

Do not automatically assume Spieth’s Pro V1x suits your game. Get individually fit instead.

In summary, as a modern star who trusts Titleist equipment across the bag, Jordan Spieth relies completely on the Pro V1x to complement his elite golf skills and become one of the world’s top players.

He willingly shares product insights with Titleist’s R&D team to advance Pro V1 technologies even further over a long partnership. Test various premium balls yourself to make the right choice for your game.

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