What Golf Ball Does Rory McIlroy Use?

Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy has established himself as one of the top golfers in the world.

As an elite player and perennial contender, McIlroy’s equipment choices receive plenty of attention from fans and fellow competitors.

Throughout his professional career, McIlroy has used Titleist golf balls for all of his tournament victories.

What Golf Ball Does Rory McIlroy Use

McIlroy’s Long Partnership with Titleist

Rory McIlroy signed with Titleist as a teen phenom in 2007 shortly after turning professional.

At just 17 years old, McIlroy believed Titleist was the best partner to help build his game for success on tour. The company provided him with balls for breakthrough wins on the European and PGA Tours.

Now entering his 16th year with Titleist, McIlroy has never wavered in his trust and comfort using the brand’s golf balls.

The multi-layer Titleist balls deliver the quality, consistency, and performance McIlroy depends on.

Pro V1x – The Choice of McIlroy

Specifically, Rory McIlroy plays the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball model almost exclusively. The 4-layer, tour-caliber Pro V1x is engineered to meet the high standards of the world’s best golfers.

For McIlroy, the urethane cover Pro V1x supplies the ideal blend of distance off the tee, pinpoint short iron control, and a soft responsive feel on chips, pitches, and putts.

The Pro V1x’s low long game spin and high greenside spin suit McIlroy’s aggressive, high ball-speed swing. He relies on Pro V1x for the critical wedge and short-game performance required to attack pins.

Off the tee, Pro V1x delivers speed, penetration and accuracy to set up McIlroy’s scoring opportunities.

Why McIlroy Chooses Pro V1x

Rory McIlroy puts Pro V1x in play for tournaments because its total performance is perfectly aligned with his world-class game:

  • Low spin on full-swing shots prevents hooks and slices while optimizing distance
  • Consistent flight and trajectory on iron shots from long to short
  • Exceptional feel around the greens for shaping finesse shots
  • Short game spin for aggressive shotmaking and stopping power
  • Durability to maintain high quality through 72 holes
  • Confidence from proven success under pressure

Simply put, no other ball provides the exact combination of speed, spin, control and responsiveness sought by McIlroy.

Input into Pro V1x Innovation

As one of Titleist’s highest-profile brand ambassadors, McIlroy has direct input into Pro V1x research and development.

He rigorously tests new prototypes, providing feedback to Titleist engineers on proposed designs. McIlroy focuses on evaluating consistency, flight performance, short-game control, and feel.

His insights on fine-tuning Pro V1x to match the needs of elite players help Titleist incrementally improve Pro V1x versions year-over-year.

McIlroy validates that innovations deliver measurable performance advantages, not just marketing hype.

Rory McIlroy golf ball

Extensive Prototype Testing

In addition to his stock Pro V1x model, Rory tests dozens of prototype designs every year.

He works through new constructions in non-tournament rounds to uncover possible upgrades.

McIlroy then selects the best performers for further vetting and tournament play.

While he relies exclusively on the trusted Pro V1x in Majors and top-tier events, McIlroy will experiment with prototypes more often in regular PGA Tour starts.

This helps expand Titleist’s knowledge and future innovation pipeline.

McIlroy-Stamped Golf Balls

Titleist produces Rory McIlroy-stamped versions of Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls featuring his signature logo.

These provide collectors and fans with a unique keepsake ball to emulate McIlroy’s championship approach. Special edition tour player imprinted balls are highly sought after.

No Plans to Change What Works

As long as Pro V1x gives Rory McIlroy the total performance he demands, he sees no reason to put anything else in play.

Their 16-year partnership has yielded over 30 worldwide professional victories together. As McIlroy says, “I’ve trusted Pro V1x this long for a reason.”

For Rory McIlroy, the choice of what golf ball to use starts and ends with Pro V1x. Their shared championship history speaks for itself.

McIlroy’s Amateur Partnership with Titleist

Well before turning professional, Rory McIlroy won multiple amateur titles using Titleist golf balls.

He originally signed with Titleist at age 17 after shooting 61 using ProV1x in a 2005 European Amateur Club Championship tournament.

Recognizing the brand would help his game reach new heights, McIlroy’s confidence in Titleist started early. The company supported his transition to the pro ranks.

Length of the Priority Earlier in McIlroy’s Career

During his early professional career, Rory prioritized maximum distance in his ball selection. He started with the Titleist ProV1 ball for greater velocity.

Beginning in 2011, McIlroy switched to the Pro V1x model to better control his high speed and transitioned into an impressive run of Major victories.

As his precision sharpened, McIlroy came to appreciate ProV1x’s blend of length and scoring control. His ball evolution mirrored the maturation of his game.

Why the Best Trust Titleist

By choosing to partner with Titleist since adolescence, Rory McIlroy demonstrated tremendous confidence in the company’s engineering capabilities and golf ball performance.

His uninterrupted allegiance is a testament to Titleist’s ability to help the best in the game elevate their play year after year.

McIlroy knew even as a teen that Titleist golf balls would provide an essential foundation to realize his elite potential. The results speak for themselves.

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