When Do Golf Balls Go On Sale? The Best Time to Buy

Golf balls are one of the most frequently replaced and expensive gear purchases that golfers make.

Top models from leading brands can cost $50 or more per dozen at full retail pricing. Understandably, most players want to get the best deals and avoid overpaying.

So when are the prime times during the year that golf balls go on sale? Let’s examine the seasonal factors and events that tend to make golf balls more affordable.

When Do Golf Balls Go On Sale

Holiday Clearance Sales

One of the very best times to buy golf balls at discounts is during holiday clearance sales. Both Christmas and Father’s Day shopping seasons result in major golf ball sales:

  • Retailers need to clear old inventory before the new year model launches after the holidays. This motivates big markdowns on existing ball stock.
  • Likewise, after Father’s Day in June, stores again deeply discount the remaining inventory to make room for updated packaging and product lines in summer.
  • Both periods typically offer sales with 25-50% off or more on current and last season’s bestselling golf ball models while supplies last.
  • Deep holiday discounts will apply to popular balls from Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, and more top brands.

So shop end-of-season holiday sales for max savings on golf balls.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotions

Two more great holiday sales for golf equipment are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers promote special deals and bonuses on balls and clubs to kick off the Christmas shopping rush:

  • Online stores and big box sporting goods retailers launch Black Friday golf ball sales right after Thanksgiving. Expect discount codes and sitewide promotions.
  • Then Cyber Monday brings more online-exclusive golf deals, percent-off coupons, free shipping offers, and other savings.
  • Check shops like Dick’s, Golf Galaxy, Rock Bottom Golf, Worldwide Golf Shops, and manufacturer sites for periodic flash sales too.
  • Offers often undercut normal pricing by 30% or more during this peak seasonal sell-off.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime times to stock up and save all kinds of money on your golf ball needs.

Manufacturer Rebate Specials

Another potential way to grab golf ball deals is by taking advantage of periodic manufacturer rebates and special offers:

  • Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Srixon all run rebate promotions during the golf season offering $10 or more cash back per dozen balls purchased.
  • Buy 3-4 dozen at once and you can quickly accumulate $50+ in rebates to put toward more golf equipment.
  • Rebate deals coincide with new release launches to incentivize trying the latest models.
  • Retailers often combine rebates with discounted pricing for extra savings.
  • Terms typically require mailing in UPC codes within 30 days to redeem rebates on eligible models.

Keep an eye out for rebate deals for the fastest savings when stocking up on golf balls for the season.

Golf Balls Go On Sale

Closeout Sales on Old Models

Another prime chance for deals comes when golf ball manufacturers introduce new models:

  • Retailers deeply discount remaining inventory of the previous year’s golf ball versions.
  • Closeout pricing often drops 50% or more below the original MSRP.
  • While the new designs gain hype, older models still perform extremely well for bargain hunters.
  • Offloading outgoing stock makes room for the latest offerings.
  • Look for closeout pricing in February and March as brands launch balls aligned with the new PGA Tour season.

Buy the prior season’s designs while supplies last for a tremendous value.

Overstock and Return Clearouts

Retailers periodically slash pricing to clear out overstock inventory and customer return bulks:

  • E-commerce sites especially need to liquidate returned items that cannot be resold at full price.
  • Physical retailers also cut prices to move shelf-warming stock taking up space.
  • Premium golf ball models see the steepest savings in these sales, often 40% or more off.
  • Scope out player-favorite labels like Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, and Callaway Chrome Soft.
  • Low quantities and quick sellouts are common given the deep discounts.

Keep watch for sporadic overstock sales to find sudden steals on top balls.

Buying Used Golf Balls

Finally, another way to grab balls on the cheap is sourcing quality used models:

  • Lightly used Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls offer close to 50% or higher discounts. Very playable while saving big.
  • Scout eBay, Craigslist, and social media golf groups to buy from fellow players and used ball companies.
  • High-volume sellers on eBay will run periodic auctions with low opening bids. Snipe a deal at the end.
  • Practice caution by inspecting the seller’s reputation and feedback, along with ball conditions upon arrival.
  • Buying used lets you afford tour-caliber balls on a bargain budget.

With smart shopping habits, you can keep playing the best golf balls at sale prices all season long!


Golf ball prices certainly fluctuate based on seasonal factors. Holiday sales, new product launches, rebates, closeouts, and used deals present opportunities for value-focused golfers.

Watch retailer promotions around Christmas, Father’s Day, and when manufacturers release updated models in the spring.

With some diligence, you can avoid overpaying and stock up on top-quality balls at significant discounts using these buying tips. Take advantage of the price drops whenever you can!

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