Is the Callaway ERC Soft a Good Golf Ball?

Callaway’s ERC Soft is a 3-piece urethane cover golf ball introduced in 2021 as a new distance ball with a soft feel.

It fits into Callaway’s lineup as a performance alternative to the premium Chrome Soft at a more attractive price point.

But how good is the Callaway ERC Soft really? Does it live up to expectations and deliver on the company’s claims of low spin, high launch, soft feel, and long distance?

In this detailed evaluation, I’ll assess the ERC Soft’s technology and construction. I’ll also compare its real-world performance across key metrics to premium competitors.

Read on for the full analysis on whether recreational players can rely on the Callaway ERC Soft as a good quality and value golf ball.

Is the Callaway ERC Soft a Good Golf Ball

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Overview

First, let’s review some technical details on the construction and technology built into the ERC Soft 3-piece golf ball:

  • Large, soft Graphene-infused Dual Core – Promotes low spin on full shots.
  • New Anionomer Blend Cover – Provides added short-game spin and an excellent feel.
  • Hybrid Alignment aid – Helps with aiming and ball setup.
  • Reformulated Urethane Cover – Generates excellent greenside control.
  • 348 Speed Dimple Pattern – Improves consistency across the face.

Callaway optimized the ERC Soft design for a total performance combining distance, feel, accuracy, and control into a complete ball.

ERC Soft Key Performance Attributes

Callaway makes some strong claims about ERC Soft’s performance profile. Let’s examine how it actually delivers on these attributes:

Distance – Lives up to promises of low spin for longer drives. Big high-launching ball off the tee.

Feel – Extremely soft from the core through urethane cover. Great feedback on chips and putts.

Control – The urethane cover lends responsiveness around the green. Checks up well on pitch shots.

Forgiveness – Straight, consistent flight from effective alignment aid and dimple pattern.

Durability – Average scuff resistance. Expect some cosmetic blemishes but retains playability.

Overall, the ERC Soft meets expectations for a 3-piece urethane ball in terms of soft feel, above-average distance, and good short-game control.

ERC Soft Versus Other Callaway Balls

We should also compare the ERC Soft to other Callaway ball models to gauge its performance and value:

vs. Supersoft – More distance and better feel but at a higher cost.

vs. Chrome Soft – Lacks precision spin but nice alternative at lower pricing.

vs. Chrome Soft X – Same juicy feel but higher launch and less spin off the driver.

The ERC Soft hits a nice sweet spot between affordable distance and premium performance within the Callaway lineup.

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball

How the ERC Soft Stacks Up to Similar Priced Balls

The ERC Soft competes directly with other models around the same $25 per dozen price point:

Titleist Tour Soft – Nearly identical performance. Comes down to personal feel preference.

TaylorMade Project (a) – ERC Soft slightly longer off the tee. TM better wedge spin.

Srixon Soft Feel – ERC wins on driver distance. Srixon edges control.

Bridgestone e6 Soft – ERC better feel and distance. Bridgestone added durability.

Overall, the ERC Soft competes well against other mid-price distance balls, with no glaring deficiencies.

When the ERC Soft Performs Best

Based on its design and performance attributes, the ERC Soft caters nicely to these player profiles:

  • Moderate swing speeds from 85-95 mph
  • High-handicap golfers prioritizing distance
  • Consistent ball strikers needing alignment confidence
  • Players wanting quality at moderate pricing
  • Golfers who prioritize soft feel around the greens

For these target users, the ERC Soft delivers an excellent blend of value, feel, distance, and enjoyment.

When Advanced Players May Still Prefer Other Models

While a good overall performer, better players may desire certain advantages of other models compared to the ERC Soft:

  • More aggressive players may want a 4-piece ball for scoring spin.
  • Faster swing speeds over 100 mph may require lower driver spin.
  • Golfers wanting more ball speed could prefer a firmer ionomer cover.
  • Players desiring max greenside spin control may want a multilayer urethane tour ball.

While a strong option at its price, the ERC Soft isn’t designed for elite player demands.


The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball delivers on its promises of long distance via low spin, a soft feel from its urethane cover, enhanced accuracy from its alignment aid, and solid greenside control, especially for the moderate price point.

It competes well against other top-name brands in the 3-piece distance ball category while offering good value.

Better players may desire a bit more, but overall the ERC Soft is a quality product providing pleasing performance across the board.

So for most recreational and high handicap players seeking value, feel, and forgiveness in an everyday distance ball, the Callaway ERC Soft is a very good option worth trying.

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