Which Snell Golf Ball Should I Use?

Snell Golf produces high-quality golf balls that offer competitive performance and quality at lower prices than leading brands.

With a range of options for various swing speeds and budgets, choosing the right Snell ball for your game can provide excellent value. Here is an overview of their models and how to select the optimal Snell ball:


Snell Golf Ball Lineup

The Snell golf balls in their current lineup include:

  • MTB Black: 4-piece tour ball for high swing speeds over 105 mph
  • MTB X: Soft premium 3-piece ball for 75-95 mph speeds
  • MTB Red: Firmer 3-piece distance ball for 90-105 mph swings
  • MTB Blue: Value performance 2-piece ball for slower speeds under 90 mph
  • Get Sum: Ultra soft 2-piece ball for 85 mph or lower speeds
  • My Tour Ball: Personalized 3-piece ball fitting service

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball

The Snell MTB Black is designed as a competitive tour-level alternative to premium balls from Titleist and Callaway.

A 4-piece construction provides low driver spin and a soft feel around the greens. The lower pricing appeals to skilled players seeking performance under $40 per dozen.

With urethane covers, a multilayer core, and a 348 quad dimple design, the MTB Black competes strongly on tour caliber performance. Well-suited to low handicap golfers with faster swing speeds.

Snell MTB X Golf Ball

The MTB X targets players seeking a very soft feel in a 3-piece urethane-covered golf ball. Its medium compression matches moderate swing speeds from 75 to 95 mph.

If supple feel around the greens matters most, the MTB X warrants consideration. The soft thin urethane cover helps golfers execute finesse shots with precision and stopping ability on approaches. Available in matte or gloss finishes.

Snell MTB Red Golf Ball

Compared to the soft MTB X, the MTB Red uses a firmer ionomer cover and higher compression core for faster swingers wanting more greenside control and scoring spin.

Fits driver speeds between 90 and 105 mph. The 352 dimple pattern boosts distance off the tee. Provides a quality alternative to firmer urethane tour balls at under $30 per dozen.

Snell MTB Blue Golf Ball

As a value 2-piece distance ball, the MTB Blue suits beginners and high-handicap golfers with slower swings below 90 mph. A huge high-energy core maximizes compression for moderate club speeds.

The ionomer cover provides adequate feel and control. Priced competitively under $20 per dozen. If the budget is tight, the MTB Blue offers excellent low-price performance.

Snell Get Sum Golf Ball

The ultra-low compression Get Sum 2-piece ball is engineered for seniors, women and others with very slow swing speeds of 80 mph or less. With a soft 50 compression core, the Get Sum requires minimal clubhead speed to flex the ball and achieve solid contact for distance.

Priced under $20 per dozen, the Get Sum can help players struggling with very low swing speeds find more enjoyment from the game.

Snell My Tour Ball Custom Fitting

Experiencing a professional custom ball fitting and playing your personalized golf ball is possible through Snell’s My Tour Ball service.

Golfers answer a few swing questions, then receive a dozen 100% customized balls suited to their game delivered in 2-3 weeks.

While an upcharge over standard dozens, My Tour Ball provides a tour-level ball fitting experience at a reasonable cost. Dialing in your optimal ball provides performance value.

Which Snell Golf Ball Should I Use

Choosing the Right Snell Ball For Your Game

When deciding between Snell’s quality lineup, consider these factors:

  • Your typical driver swing speeds and launch conditions. Faster swings suit firmer balls.
  • Preference between soft feel versus greenside spin and control. Softer covers enhance the feel.
  • Price considerations and budget. Snell provides performance at each tier.
  • Importance of urethane cover versus surlyn durability.
  • Compression is needed to optimize your impact efficiency.

Testing Snell Golf Ball Models On Course

The best way to choose your ideal Snell golf ball is by testing samples of a few models on the driving range and on the course.

Take notes on your distances, feel preferences, spin observations, and any noticeable performance differences. Let the data guide your decision alongside your budget. Give each ball a thorough chance across a few rounds.

Snell Golf Balls Provide Quality and Value

Across their lineup, Snell golf balls deliver impressive quality and flight capabilities at each price point to match a wide range of player profiles and budgets.

While lesser known than some brands, Snell’s entrance into golf balls brings welcome competition focused on performance and value. Their unique models worth checking out can elevate your game at a fair cost.

Where to Buy Snell Golf Balls

Snell golf balls can be purchased online direct from SnellGolf.com as well as through many leading golf retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA Tour Superstore, and Greenskeeper.

Trying a variety pack is a smart way to compare their models against your current golf ball. Significant savings over premium brands are available if one of Snell’s constructions provides ideal performance for your swing.

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