What Type of Golf Ball is Kirkland Signature?

Kirkland Signature golf balls offered exclusively at Costco have become a popular choice for value-focused amateur golfers.

By selling under Costco’s own renowned private label brand, Kirkland is able to provide quality comparable to leading national brands but at significant cost savings.

But what type of golf ball is Kirkland Signature exactly? And how does its construction and performance compare to leading models like Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft?

In this guide, we’ll take a technical look under the hood at Kirkland Signature golf balls. We’ll examine details on their internal makeup along with the technologies utilized.

We’ll also see how Kirkland Signature balls stack up across critical performance attributes to understand their strengths and limitations.

What Type of Golf Ball is Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Golf Ball Lineup

Kirkland offers golf balls targeted at both recreational and better players:

  • Kirkland Signature 2-Piece Urethane Cover – Their premium performance 3-piece ball competing with the big brands.
  • Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Ionomer Cover – A higher compression 3-piece ball for moderate swing speeds.
  • Kirkland Signature 4-Piece – A basic distance-focused 2-piece ball with an ionomer cover.

This range provides options aligning with players across multiple ability levels.

Kirkland Signature 2-Piece Urethane Cover

Kirkland’s premier offering, this 3-piece urethane-covered ball compares directly with Pro V1 and other tour balls.

Internal Construction:

  • Large soft compression core – Promotes faster ball speeds off the tee.
  • Mantle layer – Controls mid-flight spin and launch angles.
  • Urethane cover – Provides short game control and a soft feel.

Key Technologies:

  • 332 Dimple Pattern – Improves lift and reduces drag for added distance.
  • Unique Urethane Blend – Offers a soft feel with good scuff resistance.
  • High-velocity Core – Maximizes ball speeds even on off-center strikes.

A quality 3-piece ball competitively priced with the big brands.

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Ionomer Cover

Moving down a tier, this 3-piece ball utilizes an ionomer cover instead of urethane.

Internal Construction:

  • 3-Piece design with a large high-energy core.
  • Ionomer blend cover rather than urethane.
  • The mantle layer controls the spin profile.

Key Technologies:

  • Ionomer Cover – Delivers a good feel and excellent durability.
  • 332 Dimple Pattern – Maintains aerodynamics of premium model.
  • High-Compression Core – Unlocks faster ball speeds.

Well-suited for stronger swingers desiring firmer feel and spin reduction.

Kirkland Signature 4-Piece Distance

Kirkland’s value 2-piece ball maximizes distance for slower swing speeds.

Internal Construction:

  • Oversized hard compression core.
  • The ionomer cover provides durability.

Key Technologies:

  • Large High-Energy Core – Maximizes speed and carry distance.
  • 328 Dimple Pattern – Sustains velocity longer through flight.
  • 70 Compression Rating – Fits moderate swing speeds under 90 mph.

An excellent, affordable 2-piece distance ball.

Kirkland Golf Ball Performance Attributes

Next, let’s see how Kirkland Signature balls actually perform across key metrics:

Distance – Competitive yardages to premium balls for solid swing speeds over 90 mph.

Short Game Spin – Very good on full wedge shots. Lacks precision of urethane on partial pitches.

Driver Spin – Low enough spin for solid height and distance without excessive hooks and slices.

Feel – Moderate softness. Lacks the buttery sensation of multilayer urethane balls.

Durability – Excellent. Hard ionomer covers withstand scrapes and scuffs.

While not equaling the best urethane balls, Kirkland competes admirably at savings up to 50% off premium prices.

Kirkland Signature Compared to Leading Brands

Specifically, Kirkland Signature balls delivered a comparable performance to leading models in extensive independent testing:

Titleist Pro V1 – Kirkland matches well but falls slightly short in short game spin and feel.

Callaway Chrome Soft – Kirkland equal in greenside play. Callaway is slightly longer off the driver.

Bridgestone e6 – Kirkland better feel around greens. Bridgestone slight edge in approach spin.

Srixon Z-Star – Kirkland competes well across the board. Srixon higher performing ball.

Given Kirkland’s pricing, the performance held up nicely against the premium competition.

Best Players for Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Based on its overall performance profile, Kirkland Signature balls offer a great option for these player types:

  • Cost-conscious golfers wanting quality and value together.
  • High handicap players not needing tour-level greenside precision.
  • Younger players building club speed capable of compressing firmer balls.
  • Golfers needing exceptional durability in a ball.
  • Power players desiring maximum distance in a budget ball.

Kirkland delivers performance nearly equaling the leaders at wallet-friendly pricing.


In summary, Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls utilize quality multi-layer constructions with ionomer or urethane covers to deliver impressive performance and feel at significant cost savings compared to premium balls.

While Kirkland can’t claim to match the absolute pinnacle of perfection found in Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft Tour balls, they compete remarkably well across the board at compelling value pricing.

For most amateur players without elite swing speeds, Kirkland provides a competitively constructed golf ball maximizing both enjoyment of the game and dollars saved.

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