Do Any Pro Golfers Use Snell Golf Balls?

Snell Golf burst onto the golf ball scene in 2016 as a small startup seeking to compete with the big brands by offering premium performance at discounted pricing.

This direct-to-consumer business model focusing purely on high-quality golf balls allowed Snell to quickly build buzz.

But many golfers wonder – do any professional tour players actually use Snell golf balls in competition? Or are Snell’s claims of tour-caliber quality more marketing hype than reality?

In this article, we’ll examine Snell’s growing presence on worldwide professional golf tours.

We’ll look at some notable players who have put Snell golf balls into play and what draws them to this upstart brand.

Do Any Pro Golfers Use Snell Golf Balls

Snell Presence on the PGA Tour

Despite the dominance of golf giants Titleist and Callaway, Snell has rapidly gained traction on the premier PGA Tour:

  • Over 50 PGA Tour professionals have played Snell golf balls in competition.
  • Six PGA Tour titles have been won with a Snell ball in the bag since 2016.
  • Notable players include major champions Ryan Moore and Shaun Micheel along with rising stars like Maverick McNealy.
  • Moore has registered four top-10 finishes using Snell balls. Several other pros have recorded top-25 results.

This adoption validates that multiple PGA Tour players consider Snell’s performance on par with leading brands.

Why Do Pros Choose Snell Golf Balls?

When top professionals risk cash and reputations by putting new equipment into play, it signals supreme confidence in performance.

Here are the key reasons PGA Tour players have cited for trusting Snell golf balls:

  • Pure Consistency – Near-flawless quality control ensures predictable flight on every shot.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Bright white matte finish aids in tracking shots against various backgrounds.
  • Soft Greenside Feel – Softer low compression core provides excellent feel on pitches, chips and putts.
  • Penetrating Ball Flight – High-velocity mantle layer maximizes downrange distance on full shots without ballooning.
  • Forgiving Construction – Unique design maintains speed and trajectory across more impact locations on the face.

These technical attributes maximize both scoring control and distance consistency for elite PGA Tour skill sets.

Pro Golfers Using Snell Golf Balls

Snell Presence on Other Major Tours

Beyond the PGA Tour, usage of Snell golf balls spans all major professional tours worldwide:

LPGA Tour – Notables like Gerina Pillar and Mirim Lee rely on Snell balls for consistency.

Champions Tour – Legends like Fred Couples, Vijay Singh, and Bernhard Langer all have experience using Snell balls.

European Tour – Young stars including Matt Wallace and Eddie Pepperell have played Snell balls in competition.

Korn Ferry Tour – Andrew Novak and other rising talents lean on Snell for performance and value.

This global adoption validates that Snell golf balls can perform at golf’s highest levels.

Snell Challenges Big Brand Dominance

The golf ball market has been dominated by just a handful of major brands for decades.

For a small startup like Snell to make this level of tour penetration in only a few years is almost unprecedented.

It signals that innovation and delivering proven performance command attention, even in a tradition-bound sport.

Golfers fed up with the high prices yet overhyped claims of the majors have flocked to Snell. The brand’s direct-to-consumer model offers savings while their tour success builds legitimacy.

Golf Ball Testing Remains Critical

Of course, tour pros also have the benefit of extensive club fitting and testing to verify which golf ball objectively optimizes their game vs. marketing claims.

While Snell’s usage on professional tours is noteworthy, average golfers should still take a systematically data-driven approach to identifying the best ball.

Testing different models using a launch monitor to compare your shots based on spin rates, apex height, distance, and other metrics is invaluable.

Let the numbers guide your golf ball selection – don’t just copy a tour pro’s choice.

Snell – A Serious Competitor in Golf Balls Arrives

In just a few short years, Snell has emerged from an unknown upstart to a serious challenger boasting a strong professional tour presence.

Their success dispels the myth only brands like Titleist and Callaway can compete at the highest level.

For golfers seeking tour caliber quality and performance without the premium prices, Snell offers a compelling option.

Try Snell golf balls for yourself and see if you agree with the growing legion of tour players making the switch.

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