Is Snell a Good Golf Ball Brand?

Snell Golf burst onto the golf ball scene in 2016 as a small startup aiming to compete with the big brands by offering premium performance at discounted pricing. This direct-to-consumer model focusing purely on their golf balls allowed Snell to build a buzz in the industry.

But how truly good are Snell’s golf balls compared to titans like Titleist and Callaway?

In this in-depth evaluation, I’ll examine Snell’s ball technology, tour usage of Snell balls, and actual golfer reviews to determine if Snell makes a high-quality, competitive golf ball. Read on for the full analysis of this rising golf ball upstart.

Is Snell a Good Golf Ball Brand

Snell’s Golf Ball Technology and Innovation

Rather than taking a traditional corporate approach, Snell has invested heavily in advanced R&D to create golf balls maximizing three key attributes:

1. Distance – By using a unique three-piece, high-energy construct, Snell balls generate low driver spin for maximized distance without sacrificing feel.

2. Accuracy – A proprietary high-flex casing layer provides excellent ball speed retention on off-center strikes for straight, true shots.

3. Consistency – Snell’s unique 342 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a consistent ball flight across a wide range of impact conditions.

Additionally, Snell utilizes quality urethane covers on their premium balls for enhanced feel and control into the greens. This focus on advanced materials provides a strong foundation of technology.

Snell Golf Balls Offer Tour Caliber Performance

A key indicator of a golf ball’s quality is usage and success by professional golfers. Snell balls have rapidly risen to prominence on worldwide tours since 2016:

PGA Tour – Over 30 pro players have used Snell balls in competition, including major champions like Ryan Moore and Shaun Micheel. Six titles have been won with Snell balls in play.

LPGA Tour – Top players like Gerina Piller and Mirim Lee rely on Snell balls for their precision and consistency.

Champions Tour – Legends like Fred Couples, Vijay Singh, and Bernhard Langer have used Snell balls, validating their high quality.

European Tour – Young stars like Matt Wallace and Eddie Pepperell trust Snell balls for both distance and short-game control.

This strong tour adoption indicates elite players consider Snell a legitimate performance option compared to the leading brands. The wins earned with Snell balls prove they compete at the highest level.

Direct Customer Reviews Confirm Quality

Beyond tour usage, average golfer reviews provide further proof of Snell’s golf ball excellence and performance:

  • Longer Distance – Most reviews consistently cite noticeable yardage increases off the tee from Snell’s low spin, high-velocity core design.
  • Soft Greenside Feel – The urethane covers offer an excellent feel and touch on short shots based on positive customer feedback.
  • Improved Accuracy – Many golfers report Snell balls fly straighter and truer on all full shots.
  • DurabilityReviews praise Snell balls for retaining their performance well over multiple rounds compared to budget balls.
  • Great Value – A major plus cited by buyers is Snell’s very reasonable pricing compared to other tour-level balls.

Across thousands of buyer reviews, Snell balls rate consistently among the top picks for optimum performance, quality, and value.

 good Golf Ball  Snell

Snell Golf Ball Product Lines

Snell currently produces four main golf ball models targeting every level of player:

1. MTB Black – Snell’s premier 3-piece tour performance ball claiming the longest distance of any Snell ball.

2. MTB X – A softened 3-piece version of MTB Black providing lower compression and spin.

3. Get Sum – Designed for slower swing speeds with a soft compression core and matte finish.

4. MTB Red – The affordable 2-piece distance model for high handicaps seeking more yards.

This diverse lineup delivers solutions for players across the performance spectrum from tour caliber to recreational.

Snell Balls Match the Big Brands

When comparing Snell’s latest MTB Black against market leaders like Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft in independent golf ball testing, the results show Snell is right there:

  • The MTB Black was 1 yard shorter off the tee than the Pro V1 but 3 yards longer than the Chrome Soft.
  • Iron shots generated similar spin rates and peak heights as the other premium balls.
  • Short game feel, control and check were on par with both the Pro V1 and Chrome Soft in testing.
  • Excellent scuff durability confirmed via robot and real golfer testing.

Clearly, Snell’s technology and construction quality allow it to stand toe-to-toe with the number one and two market share leaders in critical performance attributes.

Snell Balls Offer Significant Cost Savings

Finally, Snell balls retail for $31 per dozen compared to $47-50 per dozen for premium Titleist and Callaway balls. This 30-40% price savings makes Snell extremely appealing, especially for better players seeking a quality tour ball at discount pricing.

The Verdict Is In

Given Snell Golf’s investment in advanced technology and materials, adoption among tour professionals, overwhelmingly positive buyer reviews, and competitive testing results, the verdict is clear – Snell produces high-quality, high-performance golf balls on par with the best brands in the market.

Their unique direct-to-consumer model provides golfers with premium caliber balls like the MTB Black and MTB X at significant cost savings compared to the big names.

If you’re looking for tour-level precision and feel at mid-tier pricing, Snell deserves a hard look. Give their balls a try and see if you agree Snell is the real deal.

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