What Golf Ball Does Lexi Thompson Use?

With 12 LPGA Tour victories already at age 27, Lexi Thompson stands out as one of the most talented and powerful players in women’s professional golf.

Her length off the tee, towering iron shots, and incredible touch around the greens repeatedly put her in contention at major championships and tournaments worldwide.

But what golf ball does this American superstar rely on to maximize her world-class skills? Throughout her 12-year professional career, Thompson has partnered with some of the biggest names in golf equipment to find the ideal ball for her game.

Let’s take a look at the golf ball models Lexi Thompson has used over the years and the key performance benefits each provided for her powerful yet nuanced playing style.

What Golf Ball Does Lexi Thompson Use

Titleist Pro V1x

For the first several seasons after she turned professional in 2010 at age 15, Lexi Thompson’s golf ball of choice was the Titleist Pro V1x.

The multi-layer urethane-covered Pro V1x delivered the combination of distance, feel, and greenside control perfectly suited for Thompson’s aggressive game at the time.

Key Benefits of Thompson’s Game:

  • Very low compression core maximized ball speed and distance
  • The urethane cover provided a great feel around the greens
  • Higher flight than Pro V1 generated a maximum carry distance

The Pro V1x paired nicely with Thompson’s towering ball flight to maximize distance early in her professional career on the LPGA Tour.

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Starting in 2016, Lexi Thompson switched her golf ball endorsement and began playing Bridgestone’s TOUR B RX and TOUR B RXS models. The dual dimple pattern on these balls improved the aerodynamics and feel for Thompson while maintaining excellent greenside spin and control.

Key Benefits of Thompson’s Game:

  • Gradational core compression increased the distance
  • Seamless cover improved feel, especially with finesse shots
  • Enhanced dimple design optimized launch and flight
  • Various color options personalized Thompson’s ball

With Bridgestone, Thompson found golf balls dialed in to provide maximum performance for her powerful game.

Lexi Thompson Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball

In 2021, Lexi Thompson made the move to TaylorMade’s flagship TP5x golf ball to headline the company’s newly re-designed 5-layer tour-level models.

The TP5x delivered optimal high launch and moderate spin to maximize Thompson’s already prodigious driving distance.

Key Benefits of Thompson’s Game:

  • The new reactive core increased ball speed and distance
  • Reformulated urethane cover enhanced feel and control
  • High flight trajectory optimized carry distance
  • Stable ball flight even in windy conditions

The TP5x provided the specialized combination of distance and scoring control to maximize Thompson’s skills.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Most recently for the 2022 season, Lexi Thompson has worked with Titleist to dial in a Pro V1 golf ball to optimize her launch conditions.

Thompson noted the 2022 Pro V1 delivers a better greenside feel and control than its predecessor.

Key Benefits of Thompson’s Game:

  • Softer urethane cover and casing layer improve the feel
  • A faster core increases ball speed and distance
  • Low long iron spin produces high launch and maximum carry
  • A very soft feel provides superior control on pitch shots

Finding the right Pro V1 prototype unlocks superior scoring performance for Thompson’s world-class game.

Focus Remains on Distance and Feel

Across all the golf ball models Lexi Thompson has used over her 12-year professional career, maximizing distance off the tee while maintaining a soft feel clearly remains her top priority. She continually tests prototypes to optimize launch, spin, and feel.

Thompson’s higher swing speeds above 105 mph benefit most from 3 or 4-piece tour balls generating moderate driver spin, high iron shot launch, and soft covers around the greens. Her testing process focuses on those performance objectives.

Lexi Seeks Continuous Improvement

It’s notable that despite already being one of the top players in women’s golf, Lexi Thompson constantly searches for incremental improvements in new equipment like golf balls. She understands that optimizing launch, spin, and feel can unlock further advantages.

This willingness to not simply accept the status quo but rather push technology to maximize personal performance characterizes Thompson’s championship mindset. Her golf ball progression reflects this continuous improvement mentality.

Lessons for Amateur Golfers

While everyday players don’t have Thompson’s access to tour prototypes, we can learn from her diligence in dialing in golf ball specifications.

Tracking launch monitor metrics during fittings helps determine ideal spin rates, peak heights, and other characteristics to guide golf ball selection.

Lexi Thompson provides inspiration to keep testing new models until finding your optimal match. Let her golf ball journey motivate you to maximize both your distance and your game.

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