What Golf Ball Does Shane Lowry Use?

As the winner of the 2019 Open Championship at Royal Portrush, Shane Lowry etched his name into golf history with his breakthrough major title.

The popular Irishman is beloved for his big smile, gritty determination, and elite ball-striking skills. Lowry ranks among the top professionals in approach shots and scrambling.

But what golf ball does the 2019 Champion Golfer rely upon to maximize his precise and powerful game?

During his accomplished career, Lowry has partnered with some of the most recognized names in golf to find the ideal ball for his skills.

Let’s take a look at the various golf ball models trusted by Shane Lowry over the years and the key benefits each provided for his stellar all-around game.

What Golf Ball Does Shane Lowry Use

Titleist Pro V1x

For the first seven years after turning professional in 2009, Shane Lowry’s golf ball of choice was the venerable Titleist Pro V1x.

This premium multi-layer urethane-covered tour caliber ball delivered an optimal blend of driver distance and greenside scoring control to suit Lowry’s game.

Key Benefits for Lowry’s Game:

  • Very low compression core maximized ball speed and distance off the tee
  • The urethane cover provided an excellent feel and short-game spin
  • Penetrating ball flight even into strong winds
  • The trusted model used by many top professionals

The Pro V1x proved the ideal fit for Lowry’s ball-striking skills during his early professional career.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball

Starting in 2016, Shane Lowry decided to make a change and signed an endorsement deal to switch to playing Srixon golf balls.

Lowry put Srixon’s Z-Star tour ball model in the bag and immediately noticed gains in ball speed and distance.

Key Benefits for Lowry’s Game:

  • Energetic Gradient Growth core boosted distance off the tee
  • Spin Skin coating generated more wedge spin and feel around greens
  • Lower drag 338 Speed Dimple pattern increased carry distance
  • Available in Lowry’s preferred bright white coloration

The innovative Srixon Z-Star turbocharged Lowry’s distance while maintaining superb scoring control.

Shane Lowry Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball

Always open to evaluating new technology, Shane Lowry agreed to a new partnership with TaylorMade in 2021 to use their premium 5-layer TP5 tour ball.

Lowry cited excellent performance in wet conditions along with improved visibility as key benefits of the change.

Key Benefits for Lowry’s Game:

  • 5-layer design enhances energy transfer for fast ball speed
  • New React core delivers low driver spin and high iron launch
  • Reformulated urethane cover improves feel and control
  • The vibrant white color stands out against rough and clouds

The TP5’s complete performance package clicked quickly for Lowry’s elite ball-striking game.

Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls

In a surprise move just a few months later in 2021, Lowry signed with Bridgestone Golf and promptly switched to their new premium e12 model golf ball. The 3-piece e12 provided Lowry with low driver spin and an excellent feel around the greens.

Key Benefits for Lowry’s Game:

  • REACTIV delta dimple design reduces drag for sustained velocity
  • Gradational compression core boosts speed and distance
  • Advanced urethane cover improves feel on pitch and chip shots
  • Seamless cover technology ensures consistency in cool weather

The Bridgestone e12 golf ball proved the right formula to optimize Lowry’s launch conditions and versatility.

Lowry Seeks Continuous Improvement

It’s apparent looking at Shane Lowry’s progression of golf balls over the past decade that he continuously experiments with models offering incremental benefits.

Lowry understands optimizing launch, spin, feel, and visibility leads to better performance.

Lowry’s willingness to regularly test prototypes and switch models to achieve marginal gains reflects his drive for improvement in all aspects of his game. His golf ball decisions showcase this desire to leave no stone unturned.

Lessons for Amateur Golfers

While everyday players don’t have access to an unlimited range of tour balls, Lowry provides an excellent example of dialing in golf ball specifications.

Understanding your individual launch conditions, angle of descent, and spin rates is key.

Test golf balls using a launch monitor to identify models producing optimal flight. Matching construction, dimple patterns, and covers to your needs leads to peak performance. Find your personalized golf ball for lower scores.

No Substitute for Trust

Above all, Shane Lowry’s golf ball progression proves the importance of complete trust and confidence.

Lowry only commits to a new model once he develops absolute belief in its performance benefits for his game.

That trust in his golf ball ultimately translated into his greatest career triumph at Royal Portrush. Find a golf ball deserving of that same trust and watch your best golf soon follow.

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